Delta Airlines Now Offers Free Wifi

Now, even in airplane mode you can enjoy more than listen to music, read ebooks, and prose old photos. Unlock the full capabilities of your smartphone at 30,000 feet in the air with free wifi coming to all Delta Airlines flights!

Delta Airlines continues to take its onboard experience to new heights, with onboard wifi available to travelers. Surf the web and enjoy entertainment with a high-speed wifi connection during your flight.

We’ve all had our fingers crossed about free onboard wifi. Leaked PR communications began circling the media in July 2022. These rumors were softly confirmed with a pilot run during early quarter 4 2022 for the service available only for Delta SkyMiles Medallion Elite members. Delta Airlines continues the rollout with its latest and biggest announcement yet in mid-November 2022 when it launches free inflight wi-fi for all Delta SkyMiles members.

As wifi connection capabilities increase, Delta Airlines wants to provide free wifi access on all Delta planes by late 2024.

What’s Available on Delta wifi?

When accessing Delta Inflight wifi, users are prompted with the different network features. Enjoy leisure and entertainment that have both free and paid features. 

Inflight wifi

Delta has three tiers of in-flight wifi—free, paid, and subscription. The widespread release of free wifi access can decrease the popularity of other options, but for now, they are all still available on eligible flights.

Free wifi is currently available to all Delta SkyMiles members. If you do not have a Delta SkyMiles account, it’s free to sign up at and start enjoying all benefits of the program, including free unlimited wifi.

The paid wifi option is still available with rates for a Delta wifi pass or monthly subscription. The subscription model lets you get wifi access on all qualifying flights for the duration of your plan. See below for how much Delta wifi costs:

Delta wifi PassWifi access on a single flight$4.99 (one-time per flight)
Monthly Domestic PlanWifi access on all domestic flights$49.95/month
Monthly Global PlanWifi access on domestic and international flights$69.95/month

Delta Free Messaging

Delta Airlines lets you keep your conversations going even while flying. In addition to wifi, Delta also has a free messaging service. The service lets anyone connect to a limited wifi network that allows you to send and receive messages through iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

Not a Delta SkyMiles member? No problem! The onboard Free Messaging service is available for every seat. The free messaging is an excellent alternative if you do not want to use the paid premium wifi options.

Since your devices have limited connectivity with free messaging, this service does not have the same bandwidth as the onboard wifi option. As a result, downloading images and videos in message threads may be limited.

Delta Studio

Delta Studio is the airline’s onboard entertainment platform available on many domestic, international, and regional flights serviced with larger planes equipped with seatback screens. It’s now available in the palm of your hands, with access available on your personal devices via

Passengers can now access more than 1,000 hours of entertainment. Spend a long-haul flight binge-watching your favorite Hulu TV series. Check out new movie releases on HBO and Showtime. Even watch live satellite TV. Other entertainment includes listening to podcasts or playing games.

What Delta Flights Have Free wifi?

Delta plane

As of 2021, Delta Airlines made technological improvements to a segment of its fleet. It installed Viasat antennas on 313 aircraft to allow in-flight wifi capabilities on the Viasat network—an improved service from its original Gogo network. Delta Airlines jets that have free wifi are:

  • Boeing 737-900ER
  • Boeing 757-200
  • Airbus A321

All the wifi-capable aircraft are narrow-body jets that are part of the domestic mainline fleet. Delta free in-flight wifi service is not yet available on regional flights. However, it will be available on regional and international flights as early as 2024.

Viasat vs. Gogo

Delta Airlines cabins stay updated with modern wifi technology. Delta was an early adopter of in-flight wifi after adding the service to flights starting in 2008. It started with the Gogo network added across a large segment of its fleet. The latest Viasat technology offers more capabilities for Delta’s growing demand for wifi, so it’s currently being added to airplanes with the Gogo network in phases.

As Delta Airlines rolls out the new Viasat network to the fleet, both networks remain in service with different functionality and availability.

Viasat – an updated wifi technology that allows passengers to connect to the internet from ‘pushback to park.’ It currently operates KA on select aircraft for the following models:

  • Boeing – 737-900 and 757-200
  • Airbus – A321

Gogo – the original technology powering the Delta inflight wifi. It also has high-speed service from ‘pushback to park.’ It’s currently available for short-haul regional flights and international flights. It has two networks available on select aircraft of the following models:


  • Boeing – 737-800, 737-900,  757-200, 757-300
  • Airbus – A220, A319, A320,  A321,  A330-900, and A350


  • Boeing – 757-200*, 767-300, and 767-400
  • Airbus – A330-200, A330-300

It projects the year 2024 for free wifi access across the entire fleet due to installing the new Viasat antennas.

How to Get Free Wifi on Delta Flights

How to Connect to Delta Wifi via Delta Airlines (Youtube) 

Accessing free onboard wifi during your next Delta Flight is easy. The good news is it works for all cellphones with wifi and internet features. Use the following steps to enjoy unlimited connection on the network:

Step 1: Go to your device settings and make sure you have airplane mode turned on and your wifi turned on.

Step 2: Open your wifi settings and select ‘’ from the list of available networks

Step 3: After connecting to the network, open your web browser and visit, if you are not redirected automatically.

Step 4: Choose an activity – Delta Studio, In-flight wifi, Free Messaging

The above steps give access to the limited wifi network, which excludes surfing, streaming, etc. All Delta SkyMiles members can access the unlimited wifi by adding the following step:

Step 5: Log in to your Delta SkyMiles account on the website


Delta Airlines take off as one of the first major carriers in the US to make its in-flight wifi services available to all passengers. However, other carriers aren’t lagging too far behind the tailwinds. Wifi is an ever-growing necessity on flights, and it’s a race with technology to keep flyers connected in the skies.

JetBlue is a long-time favorite for heavy wifi users who get to enjoy gate-to-gate Fly-fi service. United has a similar free messaging service available for T-Mobile customers only. 

Other companies like American Airlines and Spirit still only have paid wifi options, but the travel trend can quickly change their policies to keep up with the competition.

Things to Know About Free Delta Onboard wifi

Wifi Access for Everyone

While the premium Delta First class seats still have a leg up on the amenities of the other cabins, wifi isn’t one of them. Now, equipped Delta flights provide high-speed wifi throughout the entire plane. Travelers in the main cabin and premium cabins each have access to in-flight wifi.

The free Delta wifi is currently only available to Delta SkyMiles members. However, Delta is rolling out the wifi upgrades across its fleet to make the amenities a standard for all travelers on the airline.

What devices can access Delta In-Flight wifi?

Wifi service during your flight with Delta Airlines is accessible on all wifi-enable devices. This includes smartphone devices, tablets and e-readers, and laptop computers. Note that all devices must be set to airplane mode before connecting to the wifi. 

Limitations to Delta In-Flight wifi

Free onboard wifi gives Delta travelers more online flexibility. Accessing the free wifi services lets you browse the web freely instead of being limited to specific apps on the basic wifi option. However, the bandwidth for browsing is the biggest limitation on the wifi. Streaming movies and music, gaming, and other activities that require lots of bandwidth may cause lag or be unable to load. Improved streaming capabilities are available on flights equipped with the Viasat technology.

What’s the duration of the Delta Onboard wifi?

Select aircraft in the Delta Airlines fleet equipped with only the Gogo network have more limited use time compared to the upgraded Viasat system. Some aircraft only allow internet access on flights reaching elevations over 10,000 feet.

Thanks to the updated system, travelers can now use Delta Onboard wifi from gate to gate. Aircraft equipped with Viasat antennas let fliers connect to the wifi immediately once they take their seats and for the entire flight until reaching your destination gate.

Wifi is already available on international flights as a paid option. International travelers also can access Delta Studio and Free Messaging for free.

Delta SkyMiles members have yet another excellent perk to take advantage of when traveling on Delta. Free wifi access during flights is an incentive for everyone to sign up for the miles program. And since signing up for the program is free, anyone traveling on a Delta flight can get free wifi.

Delta Airlines continues improving its in-flight experience, and free wifi will soon be available on all Delta flights.

Frontier Airlines GoWild! Pass Analysis

The best flight deal of the year has just landed! It’s time to enjoy a year of unlimited travel with the new Frontier Airlines GoWild! Pass. The budget airline lets you fly even more with the new flight subscription. An annual subscription gives you access to flights on the airline, and you fly as much as you want.

Now your dream of a jetsetter lifestyle becomes a reality with the release of the GoWild! Pass. First announced in October 2022, Frontier Airlines has just released new updates about this all-you-can-fly pass. Let’s check out the details about the offer to see if it’s worth it.  

Benefits of the GoWild! Pass

Two words—unlimited flights—were enough to cause quite a buzz for travelers. The Frontier Airlines GoWild! Pass is a deal that many travelers have been looking forward to. And its list of perks makes the offer even more enticing for travelers considering purchasing it.

The best features of the Frontier GoWild! Pass are:

  • Unlimited Flights
  • Flights as Low as $0.01
  • Domestic and International Destinations
  • Flight Subscription

Unlimited Flights

Flights are one of the biggest expenses when traveling. The Frontier Airlines GoWild! Pass allows users to enjoy unlimited flights to significantly reduce travel costs.

There’s always a reason to travel. Visiting family for the holidays, vacation, and remote workers having flexibility on where to work. You can now fill your calendar with all the trips on your bucket list.

Booking flights is the best way to take advantage of the GoWild! Pass—the more flights you book within the year, the more value you will get from having it.

Flights as Low as $0.01

A travel deal for unlimited flights soars even more with flights priced as low as $0.01. The Frontier GoWild! Pass doesn’t have free flights. However, the subscription lets you access unimaginable prices of flights—including to international destinations.

Ticket prices booked using the Frontier GoWild! Pass vary based on location and demand for the flight. Frontier announces that travelers can expect to see ticket prices between $0.01-$14.60. The actual airfare is free, but the additional booking charges come from taxes, airport, and government fees.

Airplane ticket prices constantly fluctuate, but the GoWild! Pass lets you lock yourself into excellent rates all year.

Domestic and International Destinations

Unlimited travel with Frontier Airlines includes domestic and international destinations! The Frontier Airlines GoWild! Pass lets you book flights from airport hubs in major cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami, New York City, Washington DC, and Chicago. In addition, popular international routes to destinations in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean are also available for booking with the GoWild! Pass. 

Frontier continues to expand its route locations every year. The most recent routes include Jamaica, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, and El Salvador.

Flight Subscription

Frontier Airlines is one of several airlines with flight passes. While the flight subscription model isn’t new, The GoWild! Pass was created to give Frontier flyers what they truly want—more flights.

The Frontier GoWild! Flight subscription pass works by paying the annual fee and gaining access to the program perks for an entire year. If you’re satisfied with the pass after a year, the subscription renews, and you can continue enjoying the flight benefits. However, it can be canceled if you don’t see any value from it.

Keep in mind that the GoWild! Pass is a year-long commitment. Even if you don’t have any planned trips, having the option to book for pennies can be worth having.

Details about the Frontier GoWild! Pass

The latest update about the Frontier GoWild! Pass includes important information for details about the offer. The key takeaways answer the most pending questions about the pass, such as how much does the Frontier GoWild! Pass cost, when will the GoWild! Pass be available to purchase, and when you can start taking advantage of unlimited flights.


Travelers have anticipated the pricing details for the Frontier Airlines GoWild Pass since it was first revealed last month. Well, the wait is over because one of the biggest updates about the GoWild! Pass is that it will cost $599/year!

The $599/year price is the promotional price that expires after the first year. The GoWild! Pass retail price is $1,999/year. Travelers who subscribe to the pass at the promotional price will be charged the retail price in the following years if the subscription isn’t canceled.

The Frontier GoWild Pass is an annual subscription and is charged every year.


Don’t take too long deciding if you should buy the Frontier GoWild! Pass. Frontier Airlines keeps the unlimited flights exclusive to a limited number of travelers. While the total number of passes available is unknown, Frontier is increasingly releasing details prompting quick action if you want to enjoy the pass perks.

In October, Frontier Airlines included a waitlist sign-up exclusive to members of the loyalty program. And this latest update about the pass opens up the GoWild! Pass for the first time starting November 18!

Start Date

The Frontier GoWild! Pass is now available for purchase via FlyFrontier. The offer and promotional price are limited time only. While you can secure your benefits already, the official start date for the Frontier GoWild! Pass is May 2, 2023.

Booking flights using the Frontier GoWild! Pass comes just in time for the summer travel season. Since travelers can’t book until the day before traveling, May 1, 2023, is the first day to start making flight reservations.

Other important dates to check are blackout dates. Frontier Airlines has already released the blackout dates for the 2023-2024 travel period. Future dates will be announced later.

The Downside to the Frontier GoWild! Pass

Frontier Airlines Airbus

Before taking off on a year of unlimited travel on the Frontier GoWild! Pass, be sure to read the fine print. The eye-catching headline of ‘Unlimited Travel’ is followed by a long list of regulations and limitations that travelers have with the pass. Here are a few things to consider before buying the Frontier GoWild! Pass are:

  • Retail Price
  • Booking Time
  • No Miles/Status Earned
  • Blackout Dates
  • Limited Destinations
  • Travel Add-on Fees Excluded

Retail Price

The price of the Frontier GoWild! Pass is misleading. The announced price of $599/yr. is only for promotion and does not reflect the actual price of the pass. The retail price for the GoWild! Pass is $1,999/yr.

Since the GoWild! Pass is a subscription service, you will be charged the full retail price for the second year, even if you signed up with the promotional price. The promotional price is great for trying it out but compare the value of the pass to the retail price.

Note that the subscription must be canceled before the end of the first year unless you’ll be charged the increased annual rate.

Booking Time

The Frontier GoWild! Pass is perfect for the right type of traveler. It’s designed for flyers with flexible travel plans. Travelers using the Frontier GoWild! Pass can only book flights within specific windows—within one day for domestic flights and within 10 days for international flights.

Unless you’re the kind of traveler who likes spontaneous trips, the GoWild! Pass isn’t for you. The last-minute booking only lets you book if there are available seats—no seats means you have to change your travel plans.

Be sure to check route flight times. Some international flights are once a week and can extend your trip for weeks if you cannot book a return flight.

No Miles/Status Earned

Are you a member of the Frontier Miles program? Unlimited flights sound like a fast-track way to Elite Status. However, Frontier announced that miles flown using the GoWild! Pass will not be credited to your loyalty miles. Frontier Airlines upgrades flight status based on the number of miles traveled. Only flights booked without the pass will be added to your miles total.

Even though you can’t achieve status milestones with the GoWild! Pass, you can still use your Elite Status benefits if you’re already a member.

Blackout Dates

One of the biggest line items in the detailed announcement about the Frontier Airlines GoWild! Pass is the blackout dates. The pass gives more than 300 available days for travel, but some of the best times for travel aren’t included.

Many of the GoWild! Pass blackout travel dates are around major holidays and the busy summer travel season. The upcoming period blackout dates are:

2023: May 25, 26, 29; June 29, 30; July 1-5, 8, 9; August 31; September 1, 4; October 5, 6, 9; November 18, 22, 24-27; December 16, 17, 22-24, 26-31

2024: January 1, 15; February 15, 16, 19; March 3, 10, 15-17, 22-24, 29-31; April 5-7, 12-14

Limited Destinations

Did you know that Frontier travels to 100 domestic and 31 international destinations? Unfortunately, the GoWild! Pass doesn’t include all of Frontier’s routes. The pass includes domestic and international routes, but travelers can book only a limited selection of flights on the airline.

Before purchasing the GoWild! Pass, check available flights from your home (or nearby) airport to ensure your desired travel destinations are included on the list.

Travel Add-on Fees Excluded

Frontier Airlines is popular for budget travelers getting amazing deals on cheap flights. However, its cheap ticket prices exclude many add-ons that are often necessities when flying.

To start, expect to pay the airport fees and taxes when booking. Then, add on fees for baggage, picking your seat, and other in-flight perks like WIFI. The benefit to the GoWild! Pass is only with the base airfare, but you will still incur additional costs for each flight.

The Frontier GoWild! Pass makes you book trips last minute but also charges a cancellation fee if you change your mind after booking.

Who is the Frontier GoWild! Pass for?

In airport

Whether or not you’ve traveled on Frontier Airlines, news about the GoWild! Pass is catching the attention of all travelers. It’s the latest flight pass that uniquely gives travelers a chance for unlimited flights. It’s the perfect scenario for the modern-day jetsetter, but is it the right pass for you?

The primary market for Frontier Airlines is budget travelers—travelers who don’t mind sacrificing a few comforts and amenities in exchange for cheap flights to their favorite destinations. Frontier is known for having small seats, no in-flight service, and additional charges on bags. Unlimited flights with the GoWild! Pass subjects you to flying Frontier-style every flight.

The GoWild! Pass is best for flexible travelers who take many trips every year. Last-minute booking, blackout dates, and limited destinations mean you must work within certain parameters to find available flights. The more flexible your travel style, the more you can benefit from the flight deals.

So, should you buy the Frontier GoWild! Pass? Frequent flyers already traveling on Frontier or similar routes should buy the pass to save on trips they’re already taking. Also, travelers with the flexibility to travel should also purchase the GoWild! Pass since the promotional price allows you to see if you’ll use it.

Consider the pros and cons of the Frontier GoWild! Pass and your upcoming travel plans to see if the Frontier GoWild! Pass is right for you.


  1. Can I transfer or purchase tickets for another person?

Only the account holder can use the benefits of the Frontier GoWild! Pass. It can’t be transferred, and each flyer must have their own GoWild! Pass.

  1. Can you fly for free with the Frontier GoWild! Pass?

The Frontier GoWild! Pass does not have free flights. The pass lets you book flights with airfare as low as $0.01. However, other fees, taxes, and add-ons are applicable to each flight.

  1. Can you book round-trip tickets with the GoWild! Pass?

Round-trip tickets are not available with the GoWild! Pass. Travelers must book flights separately within one day (10 days for international flights).

  1. What happens after a year with the Frontier GoWild! Pass?

The Frontier GoWild! Pass is an annual subscription that renews every year. Travelers booking the pass through the promotional offer ($599/year) will pay the full price ($1,999/year) when it automatically renews after a year.

Alaska Airlines Flight Pass Review

Announced in the first quarter of 2022, the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass introduced a flight subscription service to the travel industry. The subscription model simplifies travel on the airline with locked-in prices and flexible booking.

Alaska Airlines gives pass holders round trip flight credits to accommodate all travelers—seasonal trips to visit loved ones or frequent flights on business. Redeem the credits for free flights on Alaska Airlines every month to maximize your benefits with the flight pass.

The Alaska Airlines Flight Pass has several exciting features:

  • Cheaper flights
  • Nonstop flights
  • Flexible travel
  • Budget-friendly planning

Cheaper Flights

Alaska Airlines has multiple tiers when booking flights: Saver, Main Cabin, and First Class. Saver is the most budget-friendly option but has fewer amenities than the other classes. The Flight Pass lets you book flights cheaper than the Saver option but upgrades you to the Main Cabin amenities.

Nonstop Flights

Get to where you’re going faster with direct flights on Alaska Airlines. The Flight Pass includes thousands of flights to popular destinations on the West Coast in California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.

Flexible Travel

Travel on your own time with the Flight Pass. The pass lets you book round-trip tickets with little planning. Whether booking two weeks out from your travel date or same-day, you won’t be charged a change fee if you need to rebook.

Budget-Friendly Planning

Airplane ticket prices are constantly changing. Even popular routes can experience surges during the busy travel season. So, if you anticipate lots of travel within the year, lock in your flight rates with the flight pass. Now, there won’t be any surprise the next time you go to book your flight.

Special Offer

Alaska Airlines encourages flyers to sign up for their Flight Pass plan by giving special bonuses to Alaska Mileage plan users. The limited-time offer will give your Mileage Plan upgraded status to MVP or MVP Gold to enjoy the perks until the end of 2023.

Where can you travel with the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass?

Source: Alaska Airlines

Receiving free round-trip flight credits every month means the challenging part is picking out destinations to use them. Alaska Airlines is a Washington-based airline that flies to more than 115 destinations worldwide, predominantly along the Pacific coast.

Eligible flights on the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass only include select locations in the Western region. It can be used to book flights to and from 16 airports, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Orange County, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Reno. 

There are no blackout dates with the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass, so it can even be used for holiday travel and peak Summer travel season.

How much does the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass cost?

You’re already subscripted to music and video streaming sites. So, with the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass, you can now subscribe to flights! Users sign up for an annual plan and pay a monthly fee that grants access to member perks.

The Alaska Airlines Flight Pass is advertised as a $49/month deal for free round-trip tickets. However, the pricing varies based on what type you subscribe to. The program has two tiers—Flight Pass and Flight Pass Pro—which provide different amounts of flexibility. In addition, each tier has different levels depending on how many round-trip flight credits you’ll receive every month.

Let’s check out what comes with each pass and how much it costs.

Flight Pass

The standard level is the Flight Pass. This pass starts at $49/month and up to 24 round trip credits per month. With the basic level, you must book your flight within 14 days of traveling. There are no change fees if you need to change or cancel your reservation.

See the chart below for details about the different Flight Pass Options:

Annual Round Trip Flight CreditsMonthly PriceHow much can you travel?Avg. Cost per trip
6$49*1 round trip ticket every two months$98/round trip ticket
12$991 round trip ticket every month$99/round trip ticket
24$1892 round trip tickets every month$95/round trip ticket

*Keep in mind that you still pay monthly, although you get one round trip ticket bi-monthly.

Flight Pass Pro

Alaska Airlines offers a premium version: the Flight Pass Pro. This pass starts at $199/month and also gives up to 24 round-trip credits per month. The benefit of upgrading to the pro edition is taking advantage of last-minute bookings. This pass allows you to book a flight same-day and still get the same great price as if booking it weeks out. This pass also has no change/cancellation fees.

See the chart below for details about the different Flight Pass Pro Options:

Annual Round Trip Flight CreditsMonthly PriceHow much can you travel?Avg. Cost per trip
6$199*1 round trip ticket every two months$398/round trip ticket
12$3991 round trip ticket every month$399/round trip ticket
24$7492 round trip tickets every month$375/round trip ticket

*Keep in mind that you still pay monthly, although you get one round trip ticket bi-monthly.

Additional Costs

In addition to the monthly subscription fee, the Flight Pass and Flight Pass Pro have other costs to consider when thinking about if it’s right for you. The Flight Pass only covers the booking reservation. Taxes and fees are applicable for each flight, estimated to cost between $0.01-$14.60 each way. There are also baggage fees, in-flight charges, etc.

Pros and Cons of using the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass

Subscriptions are a popular business model for companies looking to keep loyal users happy, but does this model work for flights? The Alaska Airlines Flight Pass has been around for less than a year, so its longevity is still uncertain. However, there are already evident pros and cons to using the pass that factor into whether or not you should get it.

If you’re thinking about getting the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass, consider these to determine if you’ll get value out of it.


As if free flights aren’t enticing enough, the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass comes with many benefits that are sure to fill your year with lots of travel. These are the benefits of having the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass:

  • Mileage plan benefits
  • Regional travel
  • Guaranteed price
  • No blackout dates
  1. Mileage plan benefits

You don’t have to be a member of the Alaska Airlines Mileage program to purchase the Flight Pass. However, there are some added benefits if you are a member. The free membership program lets you earn your way toward perks on future air travel on Alaska Airlines. You earn miles and elite status based on how much you fly, not how much you spend. So, even miles flown with the round-trip flight credits add to your miles balance.

In addition, taking advantage of the limited-time sign-up offer can give your account an instant upgrade.

  1. Regional Travel

The Alaska Airlines Flight Pass can be used for select flights in the western region. Frequent travelers in the region will get a lot of benefits with great rates to popular destinations.

  1. Guaranteed Price

Purchasing the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass is like pre-booking all of your trips for the year and paying monthly towards a fixed cost. No switching browsers for price updates or flying on alternative dates to lock in a better rate. With the flight pass, you’ll fly on your preferred dates and get the same great price every time.

  1. No Blackout Dates

While prices rise during holidays and other busy travel times, your price remains the same. Round-trip flight credits can be redeemed for eligible flights on any available dates. No dates on the calendar are restricted.


The Alaska Airlines Flight Pass makes traveling easier, but this convenience may not be apparent to everyone who uses it. Due to restrictions and limits with the pass, some travelers may find other travel options more valuable than signing up for the subscription service.

These are a few cons to consider before purchasing your flight pass:

  • Destination limits
  • Comparable prices on other airlines
  • Unexpected higher prices
  • Additional fees
  1. Destination Limits

Alaska Airlines Flight Pass users cannot take advantage of the many domestic and international destinations that the airline flies. The regional limit is great for applicable fliers, but not everyone that flies the airline can benefit if you don’t frequent those locations.

  1. Comparable prices on other airlines

The flight pass provides travelers with an excellent travel deal. But not all savings are as significant as you think. With limited flight destinations, the pass is mainly used for short-leg flights. Consider the price per ticket (referenced in the above charts) to compare with booking via another airline or third-party provider. 

  1. Unexpected higher prices

Although there are no blackout dates when using the Flight Pass, you may end up paying more to check out on certain flights. This is because the flight pass requires you to pay taxes and fees on flights, and these vary per flight/airport/etc. Therefore, on busy days, prices can surge past estimated per-flight fees.

  1. Additional Fees

Before rushing to book your flights every month, be sure to calculate additional fees into your travel budget. Alaska Airlines charges checked bag fees and other optional fees for food during your flight, onboard Wifi, and other perks. Even with the round-trip flight credits, you’ll still have to pay out of pocket for each flight. Include these estimated costs to determine if the pass is worth it.

Should you buy the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass?

Now that you know what the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass is, it’s time to decide whether or not it’s right for you. Weigh the pros and cons based on your current travel habits to see how much value it will provide you.

Frequent travelers to popular destinations on the West Coast are the ideal user for the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass. Also, members of the Alaska Airlines Mileage program who can add more miles to their account with the round trip flight credits since it tracks by miles instead of dollars spent.

Suppose you do not have plans to travel to the eligible locations frequently within a calendar year. In that case, other booking options are more favorable than purchasing the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass.

Most leisure travelers will be best with the basic level Flight Pass with the option to change their flight for free if plans change within two weeks of traveling. The lower priced option can give lots of savings to travel when you want on Alaska Airlines.


  1. How to book flights with Alaska Airlines Flight Pass?

Flight credits can be used only on the dedicated Flight Pass booking portal. Login via and browse for flights. Additional fees and charges are applied during checkout.

  1. Do flight credits expire with the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass?

Yes, flight credits do expire with Alaska Airlines Flight Pass. You can only book flights up to three months out, and you must use your current flight credits before you receive the next credits. Note that you do not have to travel before receiving the new credits; only have your reservations booked.

  1. Can you change your Flight Pass plan?

Find yourself traveling more (or less) with the Flight Pass? You can change your plan anytime by contacting Alaska Airlines customer service.

  1. Can you cancel your Flight Pass plan?

The Flight Pass plan is a monthly subscription service. Since users must commit to a year membership, plans cannot be canceled during the period. You will still incur charges until the year-period ends.

Fly Unlimited With The Frontier GoWild Pass

Introducing the Frontier GoWild! All-You-Can-Fly Pass! The latest Frontier announcement reveals an upcoming pass granting access to more travel on Frontier. The pass will have the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Flights for One Year
  • 300+ Flight Days
  • Access to All of Frontier Destinations

Unlimited flights for One Year

Fly as much as you want with the GoWild! Pass. Take advantage of unlimited travel for an entire year. The pass gives you a 12-month period to book flights on Frontier free of charge. You can go anytime and anywhere with eligible flights.

300+ Flight Days

The Frontier GoWild Pass gives you access to almost an entire year of travel days. Users have access to booking flight reservations on more than 300 days. In addition, Frontier announced that there will be blackout dates, although the exact dates haven’t been mentioned yet. 

Access to all of Frontier Destinations

Pick a destination and go! The Frontier GoWid Pass will give access to all Frontier flight destinations. It currently operates routes to more than 85 locations around the US, including major cities like Phoenix, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, and Houston. The pass also gives access to international flights to more than nine countries. Visit popular destinations in the Caribbean—Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, St. Maarten—or Latin American hotspots—Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Frontier won’t be the first major airline to release an all-you-can-fly pass. Other companies have tested different versions of a similar pass, while others continue to offer similar deals to their travelers. For example, Jet Blue has the All You Can Jet pass. It is most similar to the Frontier GoWild! Pass and gives access to unlimited flights on the airline for a year. Also, Alaska Airlines has the Alaska FlightPass, a subscription pass locking low prices to fly for one year.

One of the first airlines to release an unlimited travel pass was American Airlines with the AAirpass in 1981. This pass was a premium offering that cost $250,000; however, the Frontier GoWild Pass will target budget travelers.

Benefits of Using the Frontier GoWild! Pass

An all-you-can-fly pass seems like a dream for any traveler. It gives the gift of unlimited travel for an entire year, but that’s only the start of the perks of having a Frontier GoWild! Pass. Since the pass is still unreleased, we can only anticipate that these will be some of the benefits of having the pass:

  • Flexible Travel
  • Go Anywhere
  • Budget-friendly Travel Options

1.     Flexible Travel

The Frontier GoWild! Pass will be a flexible pass for flexible travelers. Reservations made using the pass are confirmed one day before the travel date, so it’s an excellent option if you enjoy spontaneous trips and have the flexibility to reschedule if you cannot get confirmed. Also, since the pass gives unlimited flights, you have more flexibility when you travel throughout the year.

2.     Go Anywhere

Plan a day trip to a nearby major city or add some stamps to your passport at one of Frontier’s international destinations. Frontier continues establishing budget-friendly routes to the most trendy travel destinations worldwide. In Winter 2022, Frontier will begin flying the newest routes to the Caribbean and Central America. New routes are announced all the time, so you can anticipate even more destinations within the 12-month period of using the GoWild! Pass.

3.     Budget-Friendly Travel Options

With travel rebounding from the pandemic declines, airline ticket prices are returning to their normal levels. Some destinations are even more expensive to travel to due to demand, rising gas prices, inflation, and other factors. Frontier continues to make travel affordable to the budget traveler and have access to more global destinations. With its unlimited travel capabilities, users will get more value out of it the more they fly.

Cons of the Frontier GoWild! Pass

As good as an unlimited travel pass sounds, there are things to keep in mind when using it. The Frontier GoWild! Pass comes with restrictions, and uncertainty about full details on the pass can lead to other cons to having it. Before rushing to purchase the Frontier GoWild! Pass, consider these:

  • Confirmation Time
  • Limited Time Use
  • Baggage and Other Fees

1.     Confirmation Time

Last-minute travel can be exciting for some, but most people aren’t as flexible in their schedules. One of the downsides to making flight reservations with the pass is receiving your flight confirmation one day before your trip. Regardless of how far in advance you book, you will not know for sure if you have a confirmed seat on the flight until right before your travel date. This leaves little time for preparation and can be an issue for rebooking if your reservation gets unconfirmed.

2.     Limited Time Use

Passholders have access to flight benefits for one year. Frontier Airlines does not have a subscription model, unlike other airlines with similar all-you-can-fly passes. The Frontier GoWild! Pass will have a limited number of passes available every year. So, you will have to join the waitlist for the passes again once your year expires.

3.     Baggage and Other Fees

Frontier Airlines has made travel more affordable for budget travelers. However, the cheap flights starting at $19 only include the base fare for a one-way flight. Other travel fees include baggage, in-flight amenities, seat selection, etc. The Frontier GoWild! Pass gives you free unlimited flights but may not include the other associated expenses. Complete details about what will be included with the unlimited flights have yet to be announced.

When will the Frontier GoWild! Pass Be Available?

The Frontier GoWild! Pass was announced on October 28, 2022. But, unfortunately, with all the excitement in the travel industry over the news, flyers still have to wait before they begin jet-setting. The Frontier GoWild! Pass will be available during Spring 2023, but Frontier hasn’t announced an official launch date.

It will be a timely release for the Frontier GoWild! Pass. It’s soon after new international routes are added to Frontier’s destinations in Winter 2022 and right before the busy Summer 2023 travel season. With the pass, flyers can take advantage of all the current and future routes on the airline.

Are you already a member of the Frontier Miles program? Upon announcing the upcoming all-you-can-fly pass coming to Frontier Airlines, the company emailed its frequent flyer members to claim a spot in line to get the GoWild! Pass.

The Frontier GoWild! Pass will have limited availability to those who can get it first. Frontier Miles members can reserve a slot for early access to the pass with no purchase commitment necessary. In addition to the early bird access, the card will be sold to members at a discounted rate.

Upcoming News About the Frontier GoWild! Pass

The announcement about the pass coming to Frontier is a teaser that left a lot of questions unanswered about the GoWild! Pass. Look out for news in the upcoming months with more details about the pass.

One of the biggest questions about the Frontier GoWild! Pass is about pricing. How much the Frontier GoWild! Pass cost is still unrevealed by the airline. However, since Frontier is a budget airline, you can expect it to be a pass targeted to attract more budget travelers to fill its ‘five million empty seats.’

Flight details when booking with the pass haven’t been announced yet. Policies on cancelations and other fees for baggage can affect the attractiveness of the Frontier all-you-can-fly pass.

In addition to the price, it’s also unclear how many passes will be available per year. Frontier only mentions there will be a limited number of passes available. Staying up-to-date on upcoming news about the Frontier GoWild! Pass can help you secure a chance to purchase the pass when they’re released next Spring.

Should You Get the Frontier GoWild! Pass?

We are still at least a few months away before the Frontier GoWild! Pass is available to the public. That gives plenty of time to consider whether the Frontier GoWild! Pass is right for you.

Frequent travelers on Frontier Airlines and members of the Frontier Miles program will benefit most from the Frontier GoWild! Pass. Having unlimited flights for an airline you already use can give you big savings over the year. If you haven’t traveled on Frontier Airlines, check out its list of destinations to see if you can take advantage of its flight routes.

You should not get the Frontier GoWild! Pass if you do not want to travel on a budget airline or if you are not flexible enough to get value from it. We can assume the blackout travel dates will be major holidays like Christmas and Labor Day and dates in the summer. Not being able to use the pass on the most popular travel days means you will have to be flexible to find alternative dates for your trips.

As the release date for the Frontier GoWild! Pass approaches, future details about the pass will give more insight into whether it’s right for you.

Marriott Expands Properties with Upcoming Acquisition of Hotels City Express

Marriott International, already ranked as the world’s largest hotel chain, continues expanding its hospitality empire after acquiring its latest hotel brand: Hotel City Express. With travel and hotel bookings resurging to pre-pandemic levels and beyond, the new acquisition positions Marriott to capture the reservations of a brand new traveler segment.

Marriott Acquires Hotels City Express

On October 19, 2022, Marriott International released a press release announcing its latest acquisition of the Mexican-based hospitality brand Hotels City Express. The deal will close for $100 million and include all Hotels City Express sub-brands and global assets.

Hotels City Express was founded in 2002 and has expanded to 152 hotels throughout Latin America in countries including Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Chile. The parent company houses brands like City Express Plus, City Express Junior, City Express Suites, and City Centro, all of which will be included in the deal. While the Hotels City Express will remain the front-facing brand on the established properties, their names will be updated to include the ‘by Marriott’ insignia.

Marriott Targets A New Kind of Traveler

The upcoming hotel chain acquisition by Marriott International further positions it as a dominant player in the hospitality industry. It increases Marriott International’s presence in new geographic areas and helps the brand cater to a broader spectrum of travelers.

Latin America has been a recent target for expansion for the Marriott International brand. It has made recent news in travel media about various property openings, such as mid-tier hotels in Colombia and Costa Rica in August 2022 and the Sanctuary Cap Cana luxury all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic in September 2022. However, its presence has grown exponentially with the acquisition of Hotels City Express, which already held properties in the region.


Hotels City Express becomes the 31st hotel brand added to the Marriott International portfolio. The vast range of hotel brands helps the conglomerate cater to all travelers, regardless of their budget levels.

Marriott International’s hotel portfolio skews more toward mid-tier hotels with the Courtyard Brand and luxury properties under the Ritz-Carlton brand. Hotel City Express helps target more budget-friendly travelers. Its hotels are geared towards travelers who want a more ‘local’ hotel stay instead of all-inclusive stays.

Growth Potential for Marriott International

Acquiring Hotels City Express is not the first regional brand acquisition by Marriott. One of the most successful regional brands was the acquisition of Spain-based AC Hotel in 2011. Over the last decade, Marriott International has transformed AC Hotel from a regional European hotel chain into a global brand with properties worldwide. These same techniques can help Hotels City Express expand into new global regions and become a choice hotel for budget travelers.

After the acquisition finalizes, Marriott Bonvoy Members can earn loyalty points and use travel perks when staying at Hotel City Express properties.

Delta and Starbucks Announce Rewards Partnership

Your daily morning routine can now start earning you flight rewards! Delta recently announced its latest corporate partnership with Starbucks. So, as one of the biggest news in travel, those pumpkin spice lattes can now add up to flights to your favorite destinations on Delta.

We’ll take a look at the new partnership, and you’ll learn how you can start taking advantage today!

How does it work?

Starbucks is the latest company in a long list of Delta partnerships, including Airbnb, Lyft, Instacart, and Turo. The program incentivizes Delta Skymiles users to drink Starbucks and earn rewards on both company platforms.

With the new Delta and Starbucks partnership, you will receive the following benefits after linking your accounts:

  • Earn 1 Delta SkyMiles for every $1 spent on qualifying Starbucks purchases
  • Earn Double Stars on your Starbucks account on all qualifying purchases made on days you’re flying with Delta Airlines.

How to link your Starbucks and Delta Skymiles Accounts?

Delta and Starbucks made it easy for their users to connect their accounts and begin earning rewards today! All you need is your Delta Skymiles number.

  1. Visit the official Delta and Starbucks partnership website
  2. Enter your name details and your Delta Skymiles number
  3. Click ‘Link accounts’

You’ve successfully linked your accounts and can start earning Delta SkyMiles on your next Starbucks visit.

Don’t have a Delta SkyMiles account or Starbucks Reward account? On the main page, click ‘Join SkyMiles’ to create your free Delta SkyMiles account, or click ‘Join Starbucks Rewards’ to create your free Starbucks account.

Linking Bonus

The Delta Airlines and Starbucks partnership began on October 12, 2022, and was effective immediately! Members of the loyalty programs can begin linking their accounts and start using its benefits whenever making their next Starbucks purchase.

Coinciding with the recent announcement, Delta and Starbucks are encouraging users to link their accounts with a linking bonus.

The linking bonus is:

  • 500 bonus Delta Skymiles
  • 150 bonus Starbucks Reward Stars

The bonus Starbucks Stars are enough to get you a free drink or hot breakfast item just for connecting your accounts!

To earn the linking bonus, you must link your Delta and Starbucks loyalty accounts and make a qualifying purchase at Starbucks by December 31, 2022.

Is it worth it?

The Delta Starbucks partnership is tailored to the shared demographics between the two companies. So, whether you’re a daily Starbucks drinker or an occasional visitor, there can be advantages to connecting your accounts.

Thanks to the linking bonus, everyone should connect the accounts to take advantage of the Starbucks reward stars bonus free drink. 

Every dollar you spend at Starbucks will earn Delta Skymiles (valued at approx.. $0.01-$0.015/mile) and Starbucks Stars. For example, spending $1,000 at Starbucks will earn an approximate $10 value in Delta Skymiles.

Frequent Delta Flyers will benefit from the ‘Travel Day Perks’ when traveling on Delta Airlines to earn double the Starbucks Stars with each purchase. 

Japan Reopens for Tourism on October 11

It’s time to re-immerse yourself in the fascinating Japanese culture full of rich history. Time to rediscover world-class culinary favorites in top-tier dining establishments. Time to rewrite your dream trip to Japan back onto your calendar because it’s reopening for tourism!

On September 22, Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida flew to New York City to announce that Japan will reopen its international borders on October 11. As one of the biggest news in travel for the fall, United Airlines is gearing up with new routes between the US and Japan.

Japan Travel Updates

Over the past few months, Japan has gradually eased tourism restrictions for foreign travel. The news of Japan reopening for tourism signals updates in its current travel policies.

1. Visa-free travel returns to Japan

Before the announcement, foreign travelers visiting Japan needed to apply for a tourist visa—even if they were a part of the 68 visa-free countries. However, travelers from the US and other listed countries will return to normal travel and receive a tourist visa upon arrival. 

2. Tourist cap lifted

Japan imposed strict limits on the number of tourists it allowed across its borders daily. Those permitted to travel to Japan are capped at 50,000 tourists per day (as of announcement)—actual visitors were significantly less due to restrictions.

The tourist cap will be lifted entirely on October 11 to support the expected surge in air travel to Japan.

3. More travel freedom

The announcement to reopen for tourism is also easing restrictions on what you can do during your visit. As Japan reopens in stages, it first required travelers to participate in a group tour or book through qualified agencies. The current policy remains that you can be a part of a “self-guided tour.’ However, these tours also must be booked through registered agencies.

On October 11, you will have complete freedom to experience Japan as you please. Book with the agency of your choice, or make your own travel plans by booking your flight directly.

What do you need to visit when Japan reopens?

The ease of traveling to Japan will soon be like the pre-pandemic era. But in this new normal of traveling to Japan, there are a couple of policies to comply with the local Japanese travel regulations.

  1. All travelers must have at least three (3) doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine. Travelers who are not vaccinated or do not meet the required vaccine shots must have a negative PCR test taken in the last 72 hours before travel.
  2. Bring your mask. Be sure to follow regulations regarding face masks during your stay. Japan does not require face masks. However, local establishments like hotels, restaurants, and attractions may have different policies.

The announcement of Japan reopening is exciting news but is still developing—stay updated for any changes.

Direct Flights to Tokyo

United Airlines announced reopening flights to Japan. Travelers from the US can now book direct flights to Tokyo from United hubs—Newark (NYC), Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Houston.

Want a free trip to Japan? Take advantage of special credit card sign-up bonuses to earn enough miles to cover your trip!

United Airlines and Virgin Australia Team Up in the Sky with New Partnership

The friendly skies just got a lot friendlier with United Airlines’ new partnership with Virgin Australia. Shortly following a partnership with Qatar Airways, United Airlines became the latest airline to partner with Virgin Australia, the Virgin Airlines brand’s largest fleet.

Get ready to check off the Australian Outback from your bucket list because your United MileagePlus miles will get you there in no time!

What this means for MileagePlus Members?

This new partnership announcement is mutually beneficial because it gives Virgin Australia access to a new North American customer base and United’s expansion into Australia. As for flyers, United MileagePlus members can look forward to a host of new perks that let your miles take you a lot further around the world.

If you’re a United MileagePlus Member, you can look forward to getting these perks when traveling with Virgin Australia:

  • Access to new routes
  • Book reward tickets on Virgin Australia
  • Accrue miles when you fly on Virgin Australia

Here’s what you can look forward to now with the United and Virgin Australia partnership.

Access to new routes

The 15-hour transcontinental flight between North America and Australia now feels much closer! The Australian-based airline now gives United MileagePlus members more options when traveling between continents and around Australia. The partnership increases the airlines’ flight coverage in the US three-fold and makes more exciting destinations in Australia more accessible to United MileagePlus Members.

The new United and Virgin Australia partnership has added more than 100 new routes. United is adding regular routes to Sydney and Melbourne from the US. As early as October 2022, you can take advantage of a nonstop flight between San Francisco and Brisbane.

Book reward tickets on Virgin Australia

Use your United MileagePlus miles to book your bucket list vacation to Australia! United reward flights can now be used to book reward flights on Virgin Australia. Thanks to the new partnership, routes on Virgin Australia are included when searching for reward flights on

It wouldn’t be a true Virgin Australia announcement without launching the partnership in festive fanfare. The airline partnership will give United MileagePlus members a chance to win a luxury vacation package on the inaugural partnership flight. If you’re already a United MileagePlus Member, you can bid for the package here starting August 31.

Excited to book a trip to Australia? Take advantage of credit card offers for United MileagePlus miles bonuses that you can use towards your flight.

Accrue miles when you fly on Virgin Australia

Already a frequent flyer on Virgin Australia? Miles flown on the Australian airline now count towards your United MileagePlus miles. So, regardless of whether you’re flying on a Virgin Australian flight between Australia in the US or the carrier domestically in Australia, you’ll earn miles on each flight.

The same policy applies to members of Virgin Australia’s frequent flyer program. Its members will now earn Velocity Points for flights on United Airlines.

Miles flown on Virgin Australia can take up to 14 days to show in your United MileagePlus account.

NYC to Sydney Flight on United Business Class

Australia is only a flight away from New York City – quite a long one, but you’ll soon discover that the trip to Sydney will be well worth it. This special flight deal is available for United MileagePlus members for a reward flight from NYC to Sydney.

Jet set with United Airlines on a flight to the other side of the world. Take advantage of this one-way flight offer on January 22, 2023, for a premium flight experience in United Business Class.

Fly NYC to Sydney in Style

The flight is very much part of the journey as the destination, and this flight deal gives you the most comfort for the transcontinental flight. From the seat comforts to plane amenities, you’ll barely even notice the 20+ hour journey.

Your United MileagePlus Miles will earn you a seat in the United Business Class – extra spacious seats and more leg room for the journey. Flexible seat adjustments let you tailor the chair’s comforts to suit you. Get plenty of rest to adjust for the time zone difference by getting cozy in the lie-flat seats. Or sit up and connect to the United Inflight Wifi to knock out those last-minute emails before you’re ready to switch into vacation mode.

To ease the strain of the long-haul flight, United Business Class treats its passengers with high-quality meals and premium drink selections. Flight attendants will be on hand the entire flight to ensure that it’s an enjoyable trip because a world of wonder awaits when you touchdown in Sydney.

Things to Do in Sydney

A trip to the ‘Down Under’ is on the bucket list of many travelers. It’s time to put those United MileagePlus Miles to use and jump into an exciting vacation to Sydney.

Admire the architecture of the Sydney Opera House, which looks like giant sails blowing into the Sydney Harbour. You’re in luck because you’ll arrive just in time to scoop tickets for the Harry Potter concert performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra playing at the venue. Take a sunset cruise in the Sydney Harbour to see the glowing Australian sun setting with views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and city skyline.

Go on a coastal trail walk at Bondi Beach before running across the white sand shore for a refreshing dip in the Pacific Ocean. Dry off with a stroll down Hall Street, where you’ll find a lively district for shopping and dining.

Get This Deal!

A dream trip to Sydney, Australia, can cost thousands of dollars for the ticket alone. However, with this deal, you can cover the entire journey with only United MileagePlus Points.

The NYC to Sydney flight is valued at 90,000 MileagePlus Miles (with an 11.3 cent/mile conversion, it’s one of the highest trip values available).

If you already have a United MileagePlus account and earned enough miles, follow these steps to book your award flight:

  1. Visit United Award Flight webpage
  2. Sign in to your United MileagePlus account*
  3. Select ‘Flight only’ and ‘One-way’
  4. Enter details for the flight: 
    1. NYC to SYD
    2. Date: Jan 22, 2023
    3. Cabin: Business class
  5. Click ‘Find Flights’

*You do not have to be logged in to see prices displayed in miles rewards.

Don’t have enough points to take advantage of the offer? With United credit card offers, you could receive sign-up bonuses covering the entire trip!

Opening a new account with the following United credit cards will earn you the following bonus miles*:

*Users must meet specified spent limits to qualify for the bonus United MileagePlus Miles.

Start earning bonus points to take advantage of flight deals like this and more by applying here.

Fly NYC to Melbourne in Lie Flat Business Class

Australia feels like a world away from New York City, but United Airlines makes the world feel much smaller. Fly from NYC to Melbourne, Australia, with an exclusive flight deal. It’s time to turn those points into gold with a journey to this hub of the Victorian Gold Rush.

What is the deal?

United MileagePlus members can soon find themselves trading in the wintery weather during the NYC winter for the sunny summertime in Melbourne. United Airlines’ latest flight deal gives you a trip to the Southern Hemisphere with a one-way flight between NYC and Melbourne.

Take flight on January 28, 2023, on EVA Airlines, where you’ll be treated to premium class seats. Get ready for a long-haul flight full of comforts and amenities as you experience the pleasures of flying in EVA Business class.

EVA Business is best in class with its premium amenities before and during the flight. Your flight experience is in the hands of EVA Airlines, and it gives its valued United Plus Members unmatched service for their loyalty.

With this flight deal, you’ll have access to United Business perks like United Lounge Access and priority boarding for your flight. You’ll sit in the flight’s premium cabin designed with larger seats and extra legroom for comfort while sitting up enjoying the in-flight meals or working with inflight WIFI services. Also, Lie-Flat technology for resting during the flight so that you can adjust to the 14-hour time zone difference.

Experience Melbourne

Once the world’s richest city, Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, Australia, and maintains treasures that attract nearly 40 million tourists every year.

Explore the vibrant CBD, or Central Business District, night or day. Discover historic landmarks like Flinders Street Station, the oldest in the country, and Queen Victoria Market. Splurge of designer fashions on Collins Street. Immerse in the eclectic nightlight scene down Chapel Street, home to the 24-hour nightclub Revolver Upstairs.

Celebrate one of Australia’s favorite pastimes at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, a museum spotlighting the sport’s glory. Timing couldn’t be better to travel to Melbourne because the cricket season will be in session to join crowds of up to 100,000 fans in a match at “The G.” Take a walk through prehistoric times in the Science and Life Gallery. It makes Jurassic Park a reality with 17 full skeleton displays of dinosaurs that used the roam the Down Under.

Get This Deal With United MileagePlus Miles

This flight deal from NYC to Melbourne is one of the best-valued trips to redeem with United MileagePlus Miles.

The NYC to Melbourne flight is valued at 90,000 MileagePlus Miles (an exceptional value at the equivalent of 8.4 cents/mile).

If you already have a United MileagePlus account and earned enough miles, follow these steps to book your award flight:

  1. Visit United Award Flight webpage
  2. Sign in to your United MileagePlus account*
  3. Select ‘Flight only’ and ‘One-way’
  4. Enter details for the flight: 
    1. NYC to MEL
    2. Date: Jan 28, 2023
    3. Cabin: Business class
  5. Click ‘ Find Flights’

*You do not have to be logged in to see prices displayed in miles rewards. 

If you’re short on points or signing up as a new member of the MileagePlus program, you can find special credit card offers that give sign-up bonuses enough to cover the trip cost!

United has several offers available for new credit card holders to earn mileage bonuses to apply toward a trip to Melbourne. The best United credit card deals for this offer are*:

*Credit cards have spending and other requirements to earn bonus miles.

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