How it works

PointsCrowd aims to demystify the world of points and miles, assisting our community in maximizing the benefits they already have. For those new to this, we illuminate the best ways to rapidly accumulate points and miles and redeem them for valuable experiences.


Delving deep into myriad loyalty programs, PointsCrowd collates and scrutinizes thousands of points and miles redemption options to present the crème de la crème to our users. Don’t have your own points? No worries! PointsCrowd will pair up Flights or Hotel Stays with credit cards that offer substantial sign-up bonuses to cover the cost. And yes, all the exciting travel opportunities you discover can be shared with your loved ones!


We understand that journeying from earning a credit card sign-up bonus to enjoying a trip might seem daunting or even unrealistic. To simplify things, our Trip Details page dissects the process into manageable chunks. Just click on the Complete button after wrapping up each step. Your progress is meticulously documented on your personal page, ensuring you always know your next move.


Terrific! Simply enter your points, miles, or hotel certificates into your personal Points Wallet, and PointsCrowd will craft tailored Flight or Hotel Stay options for you to redeem with what you’ve accumulated. We prioritize luxurious experiences, focusing on premium cabin classes (like international first and business) and stays at opulent hotels (e.g., Ritz Carlton, InterContinental). Have transferable points from sources like Chase or Amex? We’ve got you covered! PointsCrowd will sift through potential transfer pathways and deliver trips with clear guidelines on how many points to transfer and to which program. To leverage this bespoke feature, sign up for a free PointsCrowd account here. Your peace of mind is guaranteed – it’s entirely free and secure


At its core, PointsCrowd operates as a search engine, diligently offering top-tier information to our users, enabling them to extract the utmost from their miles and points. Remember, PointsCrowd isn’t a booking portal. If a Flight or Hotel Stay catches your eye and you wish to redeem your points or miles for it, follow the step-by-step instructions and the link provided on the Details page to book directly with the concerned brand.

All services provided by PointsCrowd are complimentary. To support our community-driven platform, consider utilizing the links on our website for credit card applications, travel bookings, and more, as we might receive an affiliate commission in return.

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