Maximizing bonuses for American Express Rewards transfers in August 2023: Lifemiles, Avios and Hilton Honors

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The American Express Membership Rewards program is offering great transfer bonuses in August 2023. These bonuses are available if you are a holder of one or more personal premium cards, such as the American Express Platinum Card® or American Express Gold Card®,  or if you are a business owner and have one of the travel business credit cards.

These bonuses provide an opportunity to increase the value of your points when transferring to Avianca Lifemiles, British Airways Executive Club, Hilton Honors and Iberia Plus programs. Let’s take a closer look at each offer and learn the best strategies to maximize your rewards.

Avianca Lifemiles: 15% Bonus for Smart Redemptions

Transfer your Membership Rewards to Avianca Lifemiles and enjoy a 15% bonus on your LifeMiles. This offer is valid until August 31, 2023. While 15% may not seem high, it can still be valuable for specific redemptions. Consider topping up your account to reach an award or maintain activity. Remember, Lifemiles can often be purchased directly at favorable rates from their website.

An attractive LifeMiles offer is Star Alliance business class travel between the US and Europe. Typically, the cost of such a trip is 63,000 LifeMiles along with nominal taxes and fees (usually around $5.60), which is a very good deal. However, the current 15% bonus from Amex means a reduced cost of only 55,000 points for the same business class ticket. 

Here’s another great deal: ANA First Class from the United States to Japan is 90,000 LifeMiles. However, with the ongoing 15% bonus, the opportunity to get this extraordinary, one-of-a-kind experience comes with just 79,000 Membership Points.

Interestingly, this number of miles is even less than the 110,000 miles United requires for a business class seat on the same route.

If you need to fly from the US to Western Europe and you’re a Lufthansa First fan, the LifeMiles program is one of the best places to book your tickets (83,000 miles with no additional airline fees).

British Airways Executive Club & Iberia Plus (Avios): 30% Bonus for Air Travel

Both British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus offer a 30% bonus on Membership Rewards transfers until August 31, 2023. While this may not be the highest historical bonus, it can enhance your points’ value for strategic redemptions.

British Airways Executive Club operates on a unique distance-based award structure, determining prices per segment. This framework makes British Airways Avios particularly advantageous for direct flights. The array of Avios sweet spot opportunities available is extensive, further amplified by the ability to seamlessly transfer Avios between British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, and Qatar.

Numerous enticing options emerge from these sweet spots:

Hawaii Getaway for 10k Points

Travelers embarking on a journey from the U.S. west coast to Hawaii through the British Airways Executive Club enjoy a remarkable offer. A mere 13,000 Avios, coupled with minimal taxes and fees of $5.60, secures a one-way trip. The ongoing promotion brings this exceptional escape even closer, demanding just a transfer of 10k Membership Rewards points to facilitate a flight to the captivating Hawaiian islands.

Irresistible Ireland for 10k Points

Opting for off-peak, one-way economy awards originating from the U.S. east coast to Ireland via AerClub presents a splendid opportunity. With a requirement of 13,000 Avios, effortlessly achieved through the transfer of a mere 10k Membership Rewards points, a journey to Ireland becomes an alluring reality.

Transatlantic Business Class Elegance from 27k Points

For a business class experience, start your journey from an East Coast airport: Boston (BOS), Washington (IAD) or New York (JFK), or the Midwest, Chicago-O’Hare (ORD) (but note that departures from other Iberia airports such as Miami (MIA), San Francisco (SFO) or Los Angeles (LAX) will be much more expensive), you will spend a nominal amount of 34,000 Avios, accompanied by moderate taxes and fees (around $200). This attractive offer is further enriched by the ongoing transfer bonus, which allows you to travel in transatlantic business class for just 27,000 Membership Points. It is important to choose off-peak hours for departure to make the trip cheaper. 

Exquisite Maldives Escapade for 66k Points

The updated British Airways award chart offers a great opportunity to go on a magical trip to the Maldives with Qatar Airways (approximate cost of 85,000 Avios roundtrip), as well as pay about $200 in taxes and fees. Thanks to this promotion, only 66 thousand Rewards points are available.

Hilton Honors: Elevate Your Stay with a 25% Boost

For Hilton enthusiasts, transferring Membership Rewards to Hilton Honors comes with a 25% bonus until August 31, 2023. While Hilton Honors points might not always be highly valued, there are instances where this transfer makes sense. Compare points-to-revenue pricing for your desired stay and aim for high cents per point (cpp) ratios.

If you have a Hilton hotel redemption coming up, using Amex points (with a 25% bonus) could be a very good deal, depending on the hotel you’re looking at.

Otherwise, you can save your Amex points for even better partners.

Strategic Considerations for Transfer Bonuses

1. Clear Purpose: Always have a specific use in mind before transferring points. Avoid transferring just for the sake of a bonus; make sure there’s an available redemption that aligns with your travel plans.

2. Risk Management: Consider potential risks associated with transferring points. Changes in redemption structures or IT issues can impact your plans. Avoid transferring points you might not use in time.

3. Sweet Spots: Research redemption sweet spots within each loyalty program. Look for routes, flights, or stays where your points can yield exceptional value, making the transfer bonus worthwhile.


American Express Membership Rewards offers enticing transfer bonuses for August 2023, enabling you to enhance the value of your points across Avianca Lifemiles, British Airways Executive Club, Hilton Honors, and Iberia Plus. While these bonuses present excellent opportunities, exercise caution and make informed decisions based on your travel goals. Ensure your points contribute to memorable and valuable experiences by strategically utilizing these transfer bonuses before they expire on August 31, 2023.

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