‘Member Appreciation’ – Targeted offer from Hilton Honors (until December 31, 2023)

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Offer Ends: Expired

Hilton Honors, the award-winning guest loyalty program for Hilton’s global brands, has unveiled an exciting promotion this year, aptly named the “Member Appreciation Promotion”. This promotion, set to run from July 28, 2023, to December 31, 2023, offers eligible members an exclusive opportunity to earn bonus points through special activities.

'Member Appreciation' offer Hilton Honors

Details of the Promotion

Two distinct offers make up the “Member Appreciation Promotion”:

1. Earn 4,000 Bonus Points after completing just one eligible stay. Link to the promo

2. Launch the Hilton Honors app and receive an immediate 500 Bonus Points. Link to the promo

It is important to note that an eligible stay is defined as consecutive nights spent at the same Hilton hotel, irrespective of multiple check-ins or check-outs. All Hilton brands are participating in this special promotion, ensuring that wherever you are, whatever your preference, you can make the most of this offer.

However, members must register for the promotion they’re eligible for – either the stay or the app launch. But remember that you can only register for one offer!

Eligibility and Registration

Not all Hilton Honors members will be eligible for this promotion as it is a selective and exclusive offer. Only those who received the promotional email can register and benefit.

If you’ve made a reservation during the promotional period and are registered for the offer before checking out, your stay qualifies as an eligible stay. For members who might be checking in before July 28 or after December 31, the stay will only be credited if completed between the promotion start and end dates.

One key thing to remember is that any stay within the promotional period will only earn Bonus Points if the member registers *before* checking out.

Crediting rewards

Once you’ve completed your stay or launched the app as part of the promotion, the Bonus Points will reflect in your Hilton Honors account, but do allow 6-8 weeks for this to happen.


‘Member Appreciation Promotion’ is another testament to Hilton Honors’ commitment to rewarding its loyal members. This is an opportunity for selected members to make their Hilton experience even more enjoyable. Happy travels!

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