Hyatt Elite Tier Offer: Fast-Track to Explorist & Globalist Status

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Hyatt has introduced an exclusive Elite Tier Offer, which allows members to enjoy Explorist status privileges for a 90-day trial period without the standard 30 qualifying nights per calendar year requirement. In addition, members can extend this status until February 2026 by staying 10 qualifying nights during the trial period.

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Key Hyatt Explorist Benefits

Hyatt Regency Hangzhou International Airport | Image source Newsroom Hyatt

Upon registering for this offer, members will be introduced to a range of Hyatt Explorist benefits:

  • 20% Bonus Points: Enhance your rewards with additional points on eligible purchases.
  • Room Upgrades: Experience Hyatt Explorist upgrades, subject to availability, for a more luxurious stay.
  • Late Checkout: Benefit from the convenience of Hyatt Explorist early check-in and extended departure times when available.
  • Additional Perks: Enjoy premium internet access and complimentary bottled water during your stay.

Registration and Achieving World of Hyatt Explorist Status

To embark on the journey of how to get Hyatt Explorist status, members must register by December 31, 2024. The 90-day trial of World of Hyatt Explorist status commences immediately upon registration. Completing 10 qualifying nights during this period secures the status through February 2026.

Advancing Beyond Explorist

The Elite Tier Offer also serves as a Hyatt Explorist status match to Globalist level. By staying an additional 10 nights within the trial period, members can elevate their status to Globalist, unlocking even more valuable benefits.

For Current Explorists: A Shortcut to Globalist

Existing members with World of Hyatt Explorist status have a streamlined path to Globalist status. By completing 20 qualifying nights during the offer period, they can enjoy the highest tier of membership more swiftly.

World of Hyatt Tier Benefits | Image source World Hyatt

Global Travel with Hyatt

This offer extends across the global network of Hyatt, allowing members to enjoy Explorist benefits at various properties, including Andaz and Thompson Hotels, ensuring a consistently rewarding experience wherever they travel.


The Hyatt Explorist Elite Tier Offer represents a valuable opportunity for travelers to quickly gain and enjoy the benefits of World of Hyatt Explorist status, with a clear path to even greater rewards.

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