Alaska Airlines Flight Pass Review

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Announced in the first quarter of 2022, the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass introduced a flight subscription service to the travel industry. The subscription model simplifies travel on the airline with locked-in prices and flexible booking.

Alaska Airlines gives pass holders round trip flight credits to accommodate all travelers—seasonal trips to visit loved ones or frequent flights on business. Redeem the credits for free flights on Alaska Airlines every month to maximize your benefits with the flight pass.

The Alaska Airlines Flight Pass has several exciting features:

  • Cheaper flights
  • Nonstop flights
  • Flexible travel
  • Budget-friendly planning

Cheaper Flights

Alaska Airlines has multiple tiers when booking flights: Saver, Main Cabin, and First Class. Saver is the most budget-friendly option but has fewer amenities than the other classes. The Flight Pass lets you book flights cheaper than the Saver option but upgrades you to the Main Cabin amenities.

Nonstop Flights

Get to where you’re going faster with direct flights on Alaska Airlines. The Flight Pass includes thousands of flights to popular destinations on the West Coast in California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.

Flexible Travel

Travel on your own time with the Flight Pass. The pass lets you book round-trip tickets with little planning. Whether booking two weeks out from your travel date or same-day, you won’t be charged a change fee if you need to rebook.

Budget-Friendly Planning

Airplane ticket prices are constantly changing. Even popular routes can experience surges during the busy travel season. So, if you anticipate lots of travel within the year, lock in your flight rates with the flight pass. Now, there won’t be any surprise the next time you go to book your flight.

Special Offer

Alaska Airlines encourages flyers to sign up for their Flight Pass plan by giving special bonuses to Alaska Mileage plan users. The limited-time offer will give your Mileage Plan upgraded status to MVP or MVP Gold to enjoy the perks until the end of 2023.

Where can you travel with the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass?

Flight map with Alaska Flight Pass | Source: Alaska Airlines

Receiving free round-trip flight credits every month means the challenging part is picking out destinations to use them. Alaska Airlines is a Washington-based airline that flies to more than 115 destinations worldwide, predominantly along the Pacific coast.

Eligible flights on the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass only include select locations in the Western region. It can be used to book flights to and from 16 airports, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Orange County, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Reno. 

There are no blackout dates with the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass, so it can even be used for holiday travel and peak Summer travel season.

How much does the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass cost?

You’re already subscripted to music and video streaming sites. So, with the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass, you can now subscribe to flights! Users sign up for an annual plan and pay a monthly fee that grants access to member perks.

The Alaska Airlines Flight Pass is advertised as a $49/month deal for free round-trip tickets. However, the pricing varies based on what type you subscribe to. The program has two tiers—Flight Pass and Flight Pass Pro—which provide different amounts of flexibility. In addition, each tier has different levels depending on how many round-trip flight credits you’ll receive every month.

Let’s check out what comes with each pass and how much it costs.

Flight Pass

The standard level is the Flight Pass. This pass starts at $49/month and up to 24 round trip credits per month. With the basic level, you must book your flight within 14 days of traveling. There are no change fees if you need to change or cancel your reservation.

See the chart below for details about the different Flight Pass Options:

Annual Round Trip Flight CreditsMonthly PriceHow much can you travel?Avg. Cost per trip
6$49*1 round trip ticket every two months$98/round trip ticket
12$991 round trip ticket every month$99/round trip ticket
24$1892 round trip tickets every month$95/round trip ticket

*Keep in mind that you still pay monthly, although you get one round trip ticket bi-monthly.

Flight Pass Pro

Alaska Airlines offers a premium version: the Flight Pass Pro. This pass starts at $199/month and also gives up to 24 round-trip credits per month. The benefit of upgrading to the pro edition is taking advantage of last-minute bookings. This pass allows you to book a flight same-day and still get the same great price as if booking it weeks out. This pass also has no change/cancellation fees.

See the chart below for details about the different Flight Pass Pro Options:

Annual Round Trip Flight CreditsMonthly PriceHow much can you travel?Avg. Cost per trip
6$199*1 round trip ticket every two months$398/round trip ticket
12$3991 round trip ticket every month$399/round trip ticket
24$7492 round trip tickets every month$375/round trip ticket

*Keep in mind that you still pay monthly, although you get one round trip ticket bi-monthly.

Additional Costs

In addition to the monthly subscription fee, the Flight Pass and Flight Pass Pro have other costs to consider when thinking about if it’s right for you. The Flight Pass only covers the booking reservation. Taxes and fees are applicable for each flight, estimated to cost between $0.01-$14.60 each way. There are also baggage fees, in-flight charges, etc.

Pros and Cons of using the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass

Subscriptions are a popular business model for companies looking to keep loyal users happy, but does this model work for flights? The Alaska Airlines Flight Pass has been around for less than a year, so its longevity is still uncertain. However, there are already evident pros and cons to using the pass that factor into whether or not you should get it.

If you’re thinking about getting the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass, consider these to determine if you’ll get value out of it.


As if free flights aren’t enticing enough, the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass comes with many benefits that are sure to fill your year with lots of travel. These are the benefits of having the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass:

  • Mileage plan benefits
  • Regional travel
  • Guaranteed price
  • No blackout dates
  1. Mileage plan benefits

You don’t have to be a member of the Alaska Airlines Mileage program to purchase the Flight Pass. However, there are some added benefits if you are a member. The free membership program lets you earn your way toward perks on future air travel on Alaska Airlines. You earn miles and elite status based on how much you fly, not how much you spend. So, even miles flown with the round-trip flight credits add to your miles balance.

In addition, taking advantage of the limited-time sign-up offer can give your account an instant upgrade.

  1. Regional Travel

The Alaska Airlines Flight Pass can be used for select flights in the western region. Frequent travelers in the region will get a lot of benefits with great rates to popular destinations.

  1. Guaranteed Price

Purchasing the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass is like pre-booking all of your trips for the year and paying monthly towards a fixed cost. No switching browsers for price updates or flying on alternative dates to lock in a better rate. With the flight pass, you’ll fly on your preferred dates and get the same great price every time.

  1. No Blackout Dates

While prices rise during holidays and other busy travel times, your price remains the same. Round-trip flight credits can be redeemed for eligible flights on any available dates. No dates on the calendar are restricted.


The Alaska Airlines Flight Pass makes traveling easier, but this convenience may not be apparent to everyone who uses it. Due to restrictions and limits with the pass, some travelers may find other travel options more valuable than signing up for the subscription service.

These are a few cons to consider before purchasing your flight pass:

  • Destination limits
  • Comparable prices on other airlines
  • Unexpected higher prices
  • Additional fees
  1. Destination Limits

Alaska Airlines Flight Pass users cannot take advantage of the many domestic and international destinations that the airline flies. The regional limit is great for applicable fliers, but not everyone that flies the airline can benefit if you don’t frequent those locations.

  1. Comparable prices on other airlines

The flight pass provides travelers with an excellent travel deal. But not all savings are as significant as you think. With limited flight destinations, the pass is mainly used for short-leg flights. Consider the price per ticket (referenced in the above charts) to compare with booking via another airline or third-party provider. 

  1. Unexpected higher prices

Although there are no blackout dates when using the Flight Pass, you may end up paying more to check out on certain flights. This is because the flight pass requires you to pay taxes and fees on flights, and these vary per flight/airport/etc. Therefore, on busy days, prices can surge past estimated per-flight fees.

  1. Additional Fees

Before rushing to book your flights every month, be sure to calculate additional fees into your travel budget. Alaska Airlines charges checked bag fees and other optional fees for food during your flight, onboard Wifi, and other perks. Even with the round-trip flight credits, you’ll still have to pay out of pocket for each flight. Include these estimated costs to determine if the pass is worth it.

Should you buy the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass?

Now that you know what the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass is, it’s time to decide whether or not it’s right for you. Weigh the pros and cons based on your current travel habits to see how much value it will provide you.

Alaska airlines brend

Frequent travelers to popular destinations on the West Coast are the ideal user for the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass. Also, members of the Alaska Airlines Mileage program who can add more miles to their account with the round trip flight credits since it tracks by miles instead of dollars spent.

Suppose you do not have plans to travel to the eligible locations frequently within a calendar year. In that case, other booking options are more favorable than purchasing the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass.

Most leisure travelers will be best with the basic level Flight Pass with the option to change their flight for free if plans change within two weeks of traveling. The lower priced option can give lots of savings to travel when you want on Alaska Airlines.


  1. How to book flights with Alaska Airlines Flight Pass?

Flight credits can be used only on the dedicated Flight Pass booking portal. Login via and browse for flights. Additional fees and charges are applied during checkout.

  1. Do flight credits expire with the Alaska Airlines Flight Pass?

Yes, flight credits do expire with Alaska Airlines Flight Pass. You can only book flights up to three months out, and you must use your current flight credits before you receive the next credits. Note that you do not have to travel before receiving the new credits; only have your reservations booked.

  1. Can you change your Flight Pass plan?

Find yourself traveling more (or less) with the Flight Pass? You can change your plan anytime by contacting Alaska Airlines customer service.

  1. Can you cancel your Flight Pass plan?

The Flight Pass plan is a monthly subscription service. Since users must commit to a year membership, plans cannot be canceled during the period. You will still incur charges until the year-period ends.

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