Alaska Mileage Plan 2024: Easier MPV Status, Benefits, and Global Reach

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Introduction to Mileage Plan 2024

Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan is set for a significant upgrade in 2024. This overhaul is not just about adding new features; it’s about redefining the way members earn status and enjoy benefits. The upcoming changes promise to make the journey with Alaska Airlines more rewarding and straightforward.

How to Get Alaska MVP in 2024

One of the most notable changes in 2024 is the simplification of earning elite status. Members will now accrue status based on elite-qualifying miles (EQMs) earned through Alaska and its global partners. The requirement for a minimum number of Alaska flights has been removed, making it easier for frequent flyers to maintain or achieve their desired status.

The number of elite qualifying miles (EQMs) earned on Alaska and its global partners to earn/retain elite status:

  • MVP – 20,000 EQMs
  • MVP Gold – 40,000 EQMs
  • MVP Gold 75K – 75,000 EQMs
  • MVP Gold 100K – 100,000 EQMs

Alaska MVP Gold 100K Member Advantages

Alaska MVP Gold 100K members are in for a treat. Any EQMs earned beyond the 100K threshold in 2023 will roll over, giving them a significant advantage in requalifying for their status in 2024. This head start is a token of appreciation for their loyalty and commitment.

Alaska MVP Fast Track
Image source News AlaskaAir

The Path to Alaska MVP Fast Track with Credit Card

The Alaska Airlines credit card now plays a pivotal role in earning status. For every $10,000 spent, members will automatically earn 4,000 EQMs, up to a total of 20,000 EQMs. This addition provides a faster and more flexible way to climb up the status tiers.

Eligibility and Conditions for Credit Card EQM Earning

To be eligible for this new earning mechanism, members must meet certain conditions. These include a combination of purchase transactions totaling at least $10,000, exclusive of fees, returns, and adjustments. The offer also extends to holders of multiple Alaska Airlines Visa consumer and business cards, with the ability to combine purchases to reach the spending requirement.

Cardholders should note that these miles are non-redeemable and only count towards elite status qualification for the calendar year 2025.

Revamped ‘My Account’ Experience

Alaska Airlines is also enhancing its ‘My Account’ experience. The refreshed interface on both desktop and mobile platforms will offer new features, making it easier for members to track and manage their Mileage Plan benefits.

Global Reach with Partner Airlines

A significant development in the Mileage Plan 2024 is the reduction in starting points for partner award flights. Starting March 2024, partner award flights will begin at 4,500 miles each way, with a majority of nonstop routes, including premium cabins, starting at lower price points. This change opens a world of travel possibilities, making global destinations more accessible than ever before.

Alaska Airlines has reduced the number of starting points for bonus flights with partners
Alaska Airlines has reduced the number of starting points for bonus flights with partners | Image source Alaska Air

More details about the 2024 changes in tariffs in partner companies can be found here.

Comparative Analysis: Mileage Plan 2023 vs. 2024

When comparing the Mileage Plan offerings of 2023 and 2024, the most striking difference is the ease of achieving status. The shift to an EQM-based system and the credit card spending option provide more flexibility and opportunities for members to earn and retain their elite status.

Impacts on Frequent Flyers

These changes are a boon for frequent flyers. By simplifying the status earning process and enhancing the benefits, Alaska Airlines is ensuring that its most

loyal customers are rewarded more generously and effortlessly. This strategic move not only improves the overall travel experience but also strengthens the airline’s competitive position in the industry.

Credit Card Strategy for Maximizing Mileage Earnings

For those looking to maximize their mileage earnings, strategic use of the Alaska Airlines credit card is key. By aligning everyday spending with the card’s earning potential, members can significantly boost their EQM balance, accelerating their journey to elite status. It’s all about smart spending and taking full advantage of the credit card’s benefits.

Mileage Plan and Global Partnerships

The overhaul of Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan’s award chart is a mixed bag. It brings welcome simplification and potentially more options for award travel. However, the increase in miles required for certain routes and ticket classes, along with the introduction of a distance-based model, might not be as advantageous for all members. 

Reduction of Elite Bonus earnings depending on the status level in 2025

Scheduled for 2025, the Alaska Mileage Plan will undergo adjustments in its elite mileage bonus structure across several membership levels. 

  • Elite mileage bonuses for MVP members will be halved, dropping from 50% to 25%.
  • MVP Gold members will witness their elite mileage bonuses being cut from 100% to 50%.
  • The elite mileage bonus for MVP Gold 75K members will decrease from 125% to 100%.
  • Notably, MVP Gold 100K members will retain their existing 150% elite mileage bonus rate.

It is also expected that in the future Alaska Airlines rewards program it will be possible to change the percentage of elite bonus miles. This should essentially allow members to maintain the current level of elite bonus miles accumulation for an additional fee.

How Many Miles for MVP Gold Alaska?

To achieve MVP Gold status in the Alaska Mileage Plan in 2024, a member needs to accumulate 40,000 elite qualifying miles (EQMs). This can be done through flights with Alaska Airlines and their global partners. It's important to note that the qualification for status is based purely on the EQMs earned, and members will no longer need to complete a minimum number of flights with Alaska Airlines for status qualification​

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