Guide to IHG Club Lounges: Access and Benefits

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InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) offers Club Lounges in select hotels across its portfolio, providing an elevated level of service and amenities to guests who seek a more refined and comfortable experience during their stay. This article reviews what IHG Club Lounges are, the benefits they offer, how to gain access, and where you can find them.

What is IHG Club Lounge?

Club Lounge at the InterContinental London Park Lane Hotel

Club Lounge at the InterContinental London Park Lane Hotel | Image source Expedia

IHG Club Lounges are exclusive areas within IHG hotels designed to offer guests additional privacy and premium services. Usually, they can be found in top-tier hotels such as InterContinental Hotels and other locations.

IHG Club Lounge Access

Access to IHG Executive Club lounges is not included with IHG elite statuses, not even Diamond Level or IHG branded credit cards. 

How to Gain Access

Access to IHG Club Lounges can be obtained primarily in three ways:

  1. Purchasing a Club Lounge Rate: Guests can book rooms that include Club Lounge access, often termed as “Club” or “Executive” rooms.
An example of how the name of a room with access to the lounge in Crowne Plaza looks like
An example of how the name of a room with access to the lounge in Crowne Plaza looks like
  1. An annual pass to the Lounge: The IHG One Rewards program gives you the opportunity to choose one of the benefits offered for every 10 nights you stay, and after 40 nights and 70 nights you can choose the benefit of an Annual Lounge Membership. This membership is valid until the end of the year in which it was selected and extends for the entire following year.
An annual pass to the IHG Club Lounges
Benefits offered for every 10 nights you stay | Image source Pointscrowd
  1. Booking through certain luxury travel agencies like Virtuoso.
  2. IHG Royal Ambassador status as one of the guaranteed benefits provides access to the InterContinental Club Lounge for two people. 

Also keep in mind that: Using points or benefits to upgrade your stay to the club level still does not give you free access to the lounge.

Purchasing a Club Lounge Rate

Instead, lounge access usually requires booking a room at a higher rate that includes lounge access, which can be significantly more expensive than standard rates. 

Each hotel chain may have a different name for this rate, but it is easy to recognize

An example of how to use the filter when booking to get all rooms with access to the lounge at once
An example of how to use the filter when booking to get all rooms with access to the lounge at once

IHG Club Lounge Price

Media Lounge at the Holiday Inn Helsinki City Centre
Media Lounge at the Holiday Inn Helsinki City Centre | Image source Expedia

The cost for accessing IHG Club Lounges varies depending on the hotel and location. It is typically included in the room rate for Club or Executive rooms, which are priced higher than standard rooms.

HotelType RoomMember RateRate plus Club accessPrice differenceCurrency
InterContinental: MadridPremium Room24031575EUR
InterContinental: London – The O21 King Classic187317130GBP
InterContinental: New York Barclay1 King Premium377523146USD
Holiday Inn: Singapore Atrium1 Queen Standard City View17021545EUR
Crowne Plaza: Vientiane1 King Bed Standard12916334EUR
InterContinental: Miami1 King Classic Ocean View28935566USD
Analysis of IHG Club Lounge pricing information at different hotels and locations

An analysis of information on the prices of IHG club lounges in various hotels and locations allows us to understand how the additional cost of access to the lounge relates to the basic room rate. Here are some of the conclusions drawn from the data (room rates for one night were taken directly from the IHG website on 15.05.2004)

The decision on whether the IHG Club Lounge access is worth the additional cost heavily depends on several factors:

  • Guest’s Usage and Preferences: If a guest plans to make significant use of the services offered in the lounge, such as enjoying multiple meals, needing a quiet workspace, or appreciating the convenience of close-at-hand services, the cost could be justified.
  • Comparison with Local Alternatives: In cities where dining and other services are expensive, lounge access could offer substantial savings. Conversely, in less expensive locales, paying a premium for lounge access might not offer the same value.
  • Travel Style and Needs: Frequent business travelers or those seeking a more luxurious experience might find more value in lounge access than budget-conscious tourists or those who spend less time at the hotel.

In summary, while IHG Club Lounge access incurs an additional cost, its value is highly contextual, varying by location, individual guest needs, and local economic factors.

IHG Club Lounge Benefits

IHG Club Lounge Benefits
InterContinental Vienna | Image source Expedia

Club Lounge benefits are designed to enhance the guest experience by providing exclusivity and convenience. The list of benefits for each lounge may vary slightly, but here is a sample list of what you can expect:

  • Free meals and drinks. Includes breakfast, evening snacks, and snacks and drinks throughout the day.
  • Dedicated service: Lounges often have their own staff to help with check-in and check-out, as well as other guest requests.
  • Quiet atmosphere: Specially designed spaces with areas for relaxation, light dining, drinks and business meetings where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the main hotel areas.
  • Free ironing service
  • Free local calls

Hotel Brands with Club Lounges

Club Lounge at the InterContinental Miami
Club Lounge at the InterContinental Miami  | Image source Expedia

IHG Club Lounges can be found across a variety of brands within the IHG network, not just at the upscale InterContinental or Crowne Plaza hotels. Here’s an overview of some of the IHG brands that have club lounges:

  1. Crowne Plaza: Known for offering club lounges at many of its locations globally. These lounges provide a range of amenities including breakfast, evening canapés, and complimentary drinks in a private setting.
  2. Holiday Inn: Some Holiday Inn properties also feature club lounges, though this is less common and typically found in major cities or at properties that cater more to business travelers.
  3. Hotel Indigo: As a boutique brand under IHG, Hotel Indigo offers unique and locally inspired aesthetics and sometimes includes club lounge access, depending on the property and location.
  4. InterContinental Hotels & Resorts: Almost universally, InterContinental properties offer Club InterContinental lounges, providing a luxury experience with high-end food and drink options, personalized service, and sometimes exclusive check-in areas.

Club lounge availability and the specific amenities they offer can vary significantly depending on the location and hotel brand. 

Locations of IHG Club Lounges

Here’s a list of popular hotels with IHG Club Lounges along with their locations:

  • InterContinental London Park Lane, London, UK
  • InterContinental Le Grand, Paris, France
  • InterContinental Sydney, Australia
  • InterContinental: New York Barclay, USA
  • InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown, USA
  • InterContinental Miami, USA
  • InterContinental Manza Beach Resort, Okinawa, Japan
  • InterContinental O2, London, UK 
  • Holiday Inn Helsinki – City Centre, Finland
  • Hotel Indigo Helsinki – Boulevard, Finland
  • InterContinental Dubai Marina, UAE, Dubai
  • Crowne Plaza ANA Kyoto, Japan, Kyoto
  • Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre, Singapore, Orchard Road
  • Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, USA, New York City

Each of these lounges is known for its distinctive amenities, strategic location, and the enhanced service provided to guests, making them popular among travelers looking for a bit of luxury and convenience during their stays


IHG Club Lounges offer a significant enhancement to the hotel experience for guests who choose to take advantage of this feature. Whether through direct purchase, loyalty rewards, or as part of an executive room package, the benefits of Club Lounge access can provide a more personalized and comfortable stay at IHG hotels.

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