Get VIP Treatment with Interсontinental Ambassador: Key Benefits and Details to Know

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IHG One Rewards members have the unique opportunity to elevate their travel experiences by purchasing an Interсontinental Ambassador membership. This membership not only enriches your stays at InterContinental Hotels & Resorts but also integrates with your existing IHG One Rewards status, offering a comprehensive range of benefits. Here’s what you need to know:

What is the IHG Ambassador program?

First, let’s talk about how the Intercontinental Ambassador program relates to the IHG Rewards One program.

IHG One Rewards members have the unique opportunity to elevate their travel experiences by purchasing an InterContinental Ambassador membership. This membership not only enriches your stays at InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts but also integrates with your existing IHG One Rewards status, offering a comprehensive range of benefits.

Purchasing Interсontinental Ambassador Membership

Eligibility for IHG One Rewards Members

As an IHG One Rewards member, you can purchase InterContinental Ambassador membership to enjoy enhanced recognition and benefits at InterContinental Hotels & Resorts.

The fee for a 12-month membership is $200. IHG One Rewards members can also purchase a membership for 40,000 points.

Automatic Enrollment for New Members

If you’re not already an IHG One Rewards member, purchasing the InterContinental Ambassador membership automatically enrolls you in IHG One Rewards.

Membership Upgrade

Existing IHG One Rewards members at Club, Silver Elite, Gold Elite, or Platinum Elite levels will either maintain their status or be upgraded to Platinum Ambassador upon joining the InterContinental Ambassador program.

Earning Higher Tiers

As an InterContinental Ambassador member, you have the opportunity to earn Diamond Ambassador status or be invited to become a Royal Ambassador.

InterContinental Ambassador members receive Platinum Elite benefits in IHG One Rewards. Additionally, Diamond Ambassador and Royal Ambassador members are entitled to Diamond Elite benefits. These benefits are applicable across various IHG brands, including Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Regent Hotels & Resorts, and others.

IHG Ambassador Benefits

welcome gift InterContinental Edinburgh The George
IHG Ambassador Benefits | Photo by Paul Jones

Now, let’s dive into the benefits of the IHG Ambassador program.

IHG Ambassador benefits include:

  • Guaranteed one-category room upgrade
Kimpton Seafire Resort
Kimpton Seafire Resort | Photo by Paul Jones

One of the flagship benefits of the IHG Ambassador program is the guaranteed room upgrade. Members are assured of an upgrade to a superior room at the time of booking, subject to availability. This perk embodies the program’s commitment to providing an elevated stay experience, ensuring that members enjoy enhanced comfort and luxury.

  • Late Check-Out Privilege

Understanding the need for flexibility in travel, the Ambassador program offers a late check-out privilege. This benefit allows members to extend their stay and enjoy their room until 4 PM. This isn’t just extra time; it’s the luxury of leisure, enabling members to savor their final hours without the rush.

  • Ambassador complimentary weekend night

The Ambassador program rewards its members with a complimentary weekend night certificate. This benefit, usable at any IHG property worldwide, is not just a free stay; it’s a token of appreciation, symbolizing the value IHG places on its loyal customers.

  • Platinum Elite status in IHG® One Rewards, and the corresponding benefits
  • Restaurants & bars credit of up to USD20 for every stay*
  • Complimentary mineral water
  • Complimentary internet
  • Dedicated check-in area

Members of the IHG Ambassador program benefit from a dedicated check-in area at participating hotels. This exclusive feature is more than just a convenience; it’s a statement of recognition and respect, ensuring members feel valued from the moment they step into the hotel.

  • Priority Waitlist Status

High-demand periods at hotels can often lead to unavailability. However, as an Ambassador member, one enjoys priority waitlist status. This benefit is a testament to the program’s commitment to member satisfaction, striving to accommodate their preferences even during peak times.

  • Exclusive Offers and Rewards

The IHG Ambassador program periodically introduces exclusive offers and rewards that transcend typical loyalty program promotions. These offers are curated to align with member preferences, ensuring that each reward feels personal and valuable.

  • Single room rate for double occupancy
  • Mainland China Only: Complimentary breakfast for one each night you stay

But what if the “guaranteed benefits” aren’t available?

In this case, you’ll receive a credit depending on which service wasn’t provided. This is a great way to ensure that you’re always getting the best value for your membership.

Guaranteed IHG Ambassador benefits
Guaranteed IHG Ambassador benefits | Source image IHG

There are some limitations and exceptions to the Intercontinental Ambassador program, however. For example, the benefits are only available when booking directly with IHG, and they may not be available at all IHG properties.

To avail of the benefits, the member must be present for the entire duration of the booking.

How to join the Intercontinental Ambassadors membership

So, how can you become a member of the Intercontinental Ambassador program? The membership is available to individuals aged 18 years and above, and there is a cost associated with the membership. The fee for 12 months of membership is USD200 or 40,000 IHG points. To become a member, you can visit the IHG website and sign up for the program here or by calling the Ambassador Service Centre at:

US & Canada: 1 888 211 7996

UK: 01950 499034

Rest of World: +44 1950 499034

You can also join at any InterContinental Hotels & Resorts location.

How to join the Intercontinental Ambassadors membership
How to join the Intercontinental Ambassadors membership | Image source IHG

IHG Ambassador Renewal Process

Members can renew their InterContinental Ambassador membership 92 days before expiration. The renewal requires a fee of USD 200 or 40,000 IHG One Rewards points.

Royal Ambassador

Finally, let’s talk about IHG Royal Ambassador status. This is an invitation-only status that is offered to top-tier Intercontinental Ambassador members.

Kimpton Fitzroy London - 1 King Bed 1 Bedroom Suite Park View
Kimpton Fitzroy London – 1 King Bed 1 Bedroom Suite Park View | Photo by Paul Jones

Royal Ambassador benefits include:

  1. Enrollment and Eligibility: Attainment of Royal Ambassador status is by invitation only, typically extended to the most frequent and highest-spending guests.
  2. Enhanced Room Upgrade: Offers a guaranteed two-category room upgrade, which often includes the best available room or suite.
  3. Complimentary Minibar: Access to a complimentary minibar in the room, with certain limitations.
  4. Guaranteed Room Availability: Provides guaranteed room availability with 24-hour notice, subject to terms and conditions.
  5. Early Check-In: Offers early check-in from 10 AM, subject to availability.
  6. Exclusive Offers: Access to exclusive offers and experiences not available to regular Ambassador members.
  7. Additional Reward Earnings: Higher point earnings for stays, accelerating the accumulation of reward points.
  8. Special Amenities and Services: Includes premium internet, a welcome gift, and other personalized services.

What is the difference between an Ambassador and a Royal Ambassador?

  • Eligibility: Ambassador is open to all for a fee, while Royal Ambassador is by invitation.
  • Room Upgrades: Royal Ambassadors receive more significant upgrades.
  • Additional Perks: Royal Ambassadors enjoy more luxurious perks like a complimentary minibar, guaranteed availability, and early check-in.
  • Exclusivity: Royal Ambassador status offers more exclusive and personalized services, reflecting its status as a more elite tier.

In essence, while both tiers offer enhanced experiences, the Royal Ambassador status is designed for the most elite and frequent travelers, providing a more bespoke and luxurious experience compared to the standard Ambassador program.

How to get Royal Ambassador IHG?

Becoming a Royal Ambassador with IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) involves a combination of frequent stays, high spending, and by invitation only. Here's a breakdown of how you might achieve this prestigious status:

  1. Frequent and High-Spending Guest: Royal Ambassador status is typically offered to the most frequent and highest-spending guests at IHG hotels, particularly at InterContinental properties. While exact spending requirements aren't publicly disclosed, it generally involves significant expenditure and frequent stays.

  2. InterContinental Ambassador Membership: To be considered for Royal Ambassador status, you first need to be an InterContinental Ambassador. You can purchase this membership, which then puts you on the radar for potential upgrade to Royal Ambassador.

  3. High Usage of IHG Services: Utilize various services offered by IHG hotels during your stays. This includes dining at hotel restaurants, using hotel spas, and other chargeable services. The more revenue you generate for the hotel, the more likely you are to be noticed.

  4. Exclusive Invitation: Royal Ambassador status is granted by invitation only. IHG reviews the profiles of its top-tier guests and extends invitations based on their internal criteria, which, as mentioned, are not publicly disclosed.

  5. Maintain Your Status: Once you achieve Royal Ambassador status, maintain it by continuing your frequent stays and high spending at IHG properties. Remember, this status is reviewed annually, so consistent patronage is key to retaining it.

  6. Network and Personalized Service: Build relationships with hotel staff and management during your stays. Personalized service and a good rapport with hotel teams can sometimes influence your consideration for the Royal Ambassador status.

  7. IHG One Rewards Engagement: Be actively engaged with IHG One Rewards program. This includes not just staying at hotels, but also participating in promotions, using IHG credit cards if available, and demonstrating loyalty to the IHG brand.

  8. Feedback and Reviews: Provide constructive feedback and reviews of your stays. Being engaged and providing valuable feedback can sometimes aid in being recognized for higher-tier status.

  9. Patience and Consistency: Achieving Royal Ambassador status is a long-term commitment and requires consistent patronage of IHG hotels. Patience and a continued focus on staying and spending within the IHG network are crucial.

Remember, because the exact criteria for Royal Ambassador status are not publicly shared by IHG, these steps are guidelines based on common trends observed among those who have attained this level. The invitation to Royal Ambassador status ultimately depends on IHG's internal review and selection process.


In conclusion, the Intercontinental Ambassador program is a great way to enhance your travel experiences and receive guaranteed benefits at IHG properties. With a range of benefits and the potential for complimentary nights and upgrades, it’s definitely worth considering if you’re a frequent traveler. Just be sure to check the limitations and exceptions before booking, and consider upgrading to Royal Ambassador status for the ultimate Intercontinental experience.

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