United Airlines Mile Play Targeted Promo For Huge Bonus Miles

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United Airlines teases MileagePlus members with a lottery pick to earn bonus miles. The Mile Play promotion is back, and it’s time to see if you’re one of the lucky members who get a chance at getting bonus miles.

What is the Mile Play Promotion?

The United Mile Play Promotion is available to randomly selected United MileagePlus members. The promotion includes elite status members and basic members who receive targeted flight challenges to earn bonus miles.

If You Didn’t Get A United Mile Play Promotion?

Weren’t one of the lucky ones to score a promotion in the United Mile Play? Don’t worry, members were selected randomly, and plenty of others received the following message once inputting their United MileagePlus number.

United Airlines has run a similar Mile Play promotion in the past—as recently as last year. While it’s over for trying to claim one of the current promotions, members can look forward to another Mile Play offering in the future from the airline.

What Kind of Promotions to Expect with Mile Play

In addition to United MileagePlus members selected at random for the Mile Play promotion, there are also several different promotions available for those selected. United Airlines has several offers in the form of challenges to qualify for bonus miles. These are a few examples of Mile Play promotions displayed to eligible members.

  • Book and take a trip 1 time to get 3,000 bonus award miles
  • Book and take a premium trip 2 times to get 5,000 bonus award miles
  • Book and tape a trip 3 times to get 11,000 bonus award miles

Members have reported more than a dozen different Mile Play promotions. Each promotion varies in the number of flights, type of flights, and bonus miles awarded after meeting the minimum requirements.

Based on members who reported success in receiving the Mile Play promotion, many speculate that having elite status is a major (but not final) factor in determining who receives them. However, reviewing many of the promotion requirements, being a frequent flyer on United Airlines can only increase your chances of earning the bonuses.

Mile Play promotions are targeted based on the type of flyer. For example, United MileagePlus elite status members will have higher requirements to earn more points. In comparison, basic members who don’t travel often will have simpler requirements yet receive a smaller bonus.

Registering for United Mile Play Promotion

Fingers crossed to see if you’re one of the lucky United MileagePlus members to take advantage of the Mile Play offer. Follow these steps to see if you are chosen to participate in Mile Play and activate your promotion to start earning your way toward bonus miles!

  1. Visit Mile Play promotional page here
  2. Enter MileagePlus number and click Start Mile Play
  3. If chosen, you’ll get a screen confirming your promotion, days left, and details about your specific offer.
  4. You’re now registered, so start booking and earning.

Note that all qualifying ticket fares must be purchased by March 10, 2023, and meet the minimum spend requirements, depending on the offer.

Let us know in the comments if you were chosen for the United Mile Play promotion and what special offer you received.

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