How to Pool United MileagePlus Miles With Family And Friends

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United MileagePlus recently introduced a mileage pooling feature that allows its members to combine their accounts to share and exchange miles, making it easier to accumulate miles to earn travel rewards.  This feature has no restrictions on who can join the pool, so you’re not limited to just your family members. You can also invite friends and acquaintances. This guide explains how to use the United MileagePlus program and answers frequently asked questions about transferring miles.

What is United MileagePlus Mileage Pooling?

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Mileage pooling allows a group of United MileagePlus members (up to 5 people) to combine their miles on one account. This feature is especially useful for families and groups of friends who want to quickly accumulate miles for a common purpose, such as a group trip.

How to Use United MileagePlus Mileage Pooling

  1. Create a Mileage Pool: Log into your United MileagePlus account and navigate to the mileage pooling section.
  2. Invite Members: Invite friends or family members to join your mileage pool. You’ll need their MileagePlus account numbers.
  3. Combine Miles: Once members accept the invitation, their miles will be pooled into a single account.

United MileagePlus Mileage Pooling Rulebook

Contribution Rules

  • Unlimited Contributions: Members can contribute any number of miles to the pool without a cap.
  • Selective Sharing: Members are not required to contribute all their miles, making it ideal for group travel plans.

Membership Changes

  • Leaving the Pool: Members can exit the pool at any time but must wait 90 days to join another pool.
  • Joining Restrictions: New members cannot join an existing pool for 90 days after a member leaves.

Mile Retention

  • Unredeemed Miles: Contributed miles stay in the pool even if a member exits, ensuring they remain available for current pool members.

Redemption Rules

  • Flight Restrictions: Miles from the pool can only be used on United-operated flights, not partner airlines.
  • Award Redemption: Redeemed miles are for non-commercial use and are subject to United’s validation processes.

Leader and Member Roles

  • Pool Leader: An appointed administrator over 18 years old manages contributions and redemptions.
  • Member Contributions: Members can contribute and redeem miles as per the pool leader’s decisions.

General Conditions

  • Program Changes: United reserves the right to change or terminate the program at any time.
  • Prohibited Conduct: Misuse or violation of rules may lead to penalties, including termination from the program and confiscation of miles.

Best Practices

  • Timing Contributions: Contribute miles just before booking an award flight to maintain control and flexibility.

Participating Airlines and Pooling Options

Which Airlines Allow Miles Pooling?

Besides United Airlines, other airlines that offer miles pooling include:

Benefits of United MileagePlus Mileage Pooling

  1. Flexible Contributions: Members can choose the number of miles to contribute without being forced to pool all their miles. This flexibility is ideal for group travel plans.
  2. Unlimited Contributions: There is no cap on the number of miles that can be added to the pool.
  3. Easy Membership Management: Members can leave the pool anytime but must wait 90 days to join another. New members face the same waiting period to join an existing pool.
  4. Secure and Non-Refundable Contributions: Once miles are pooled, they cannot be withdrawn by exiting members, ensuring stability for the pool.
  5. Leader Control: A designated leader manages the pool, including contributions and redemptions, ensuring organized and efficient use of miles.
  6. Cost-Effective: Pooling miles through United MileagePlus is free, unlike some programs that charge transfer fees.


United MileagePlus mileage pooling offers a convenient way for friends and family to combine their miles, making it easier to achieve travel goals. By setting up a mileage pool and inviting members, you can maximize the benefits of your United miles without any additional cost.

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