T-Mobile Brings Free In-Flight wifi to All Delta SkyMiles Members

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T-Mobile brings connectivity in the sky to even more travelers. A recent partnership between Delta lets all SkyMiles passengers enjoy wifi in-flight. Your devices are now even more useful during flights, with access to email, messaging, streaming, gaming, and more.

If you’re a Delta SkyMiles member, here’s what you need to know to get connected.

Free-In Flight Wifi With Coverage Beyond

Last year, T-Mobile announced its Coverage Beyond services across the major US air carriers—Delta, United, American, and Alaska Airlines. It gave traveling on these airlines free in-flight wifi who already had a T-Mobile Magenta, Magenta MAX, or other qualifying plans.

The ‘Uncarrier’ expanded its services with Delta Airlines by opening up the free in-flight wifi perk to all SkyMiles members, regardless of their phone plan. Even travelers with other phone services can enjoy entertainment and productivity in the sky thanks to the new partnership.

T-Mobile In-Flight Wifii includes:

  • Use data for wifi calling, texting, and visual voicemail services, including iMessage, WhatsApp, Google Hangout, and Viber
  • Stream shows and music on Apple TV+, Netflix, Paramount Plus, Hulu, Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms (only on satellite-enabled flights)
  • Browse your favorite social media platforms, including Tik-Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

The In-flight wifi coverage through T-Mobile lasts the entire flight and is only available on mobile devices. Laptops and tablets are excluded from coverage. Other limitations include third-party applications requiring data, VPN applications, voice services, texts to shortcode, and emergency services.

Who Can Get Free In-Flight Wifi?

The T-Mobile and Delta SkyMiles partnership rolled out in February 2023 on the first aircraft and will expand to more than 700 flights that have Viasat technology onboard by the end of the year.

In-flight wifi service is independent of your mobile plan. So regardless if you’re a T-Mobile customer or use a competing service provider like AT&T or Verizon, you will have access to free wifi as a SkyMiles member.

Join Delta SkyMiles for free before your flight to get connected. Otherwise, wifi service costs $10 for non-SkyMiles travelers who don’t have T-Mobile.

Using T-Mobile In-Flight wifi

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You can start enjoying in-flight wifi as soon as your next flight. Service will be available on all domestic flights by 12/31/23 and international and regional flights by 12/31/24. Most newer model phones (later than 2015) support service. 

Prepare your phone before boarding your flight to ensure connectivity by enabling wifi calling and making at least one wifi call.

In-flight wifi starts after reaching 10,000 feet or higher, although some services are available gate-to-gate. Here’s how to get connected:

  1. Put your phone on Airplane Mode and turn on the wifi
  2. Select Delta Airline wifi network (or wifionboard.com)
  3. Scroll down to select ‘In-Flight Connection on Us’ option
  4. Follow sign-in instructions
  5. Confirm the PIN sent to your mobile device
  6. Select 1-hour or full-flight session
  7. Start browsing!

Note that steps may vary for Delta SkyMiles members depending on the flight.

T-Mobile Coverage Beyond Adds Even More Travel Perks

Travelers can rely more on T-Mobile for services, whether in the air, on the ground, or while abroad. Coverage Beyond comes with many other benefits for Delta SkyMiles members with a T-Mobile Magenta/Magenta MAX plan, Go5G/Go5G Plus, and (former) Sprint plans. These services give users access to perks, including:

  • High-speed data when traveling abroad (Magenta MAX gets up to 5GB of data in 210+ destinations, Magenta gets 5GB in 11 European countries, and other plans have up to 2x increased data speeds)
  • Travel Partners for special deals, like AAA 24hr roadside assistance for road trips, Shell gas station discounts, Priceline discounts on bookings
  • Access to the tmobiletravel.com portal for up to 40% off hotel reservations

Bottom Line

Delta SkyMiles members can now stay connected when traveling, thanks to T-Mobile. Its in-flight wifi is available for all SkyMiles members on any mobile plan. Connect to the wifi and enjoy browsing online, shopping, streaming, email, social media, and more for the entire flight.

The service is already available on many domestic flights and select international flights. We expect to see the service across its fleet by the end of the year for domestic flights and next year for international/regional flights.

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