Delta Improves Flyer Experience With Upgrade Certificate Requesting Online

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Delta recently ruffled a few feathers for frequent flyers after announcing that it is increasing prices on Delta SkyClub Lounges and making them more exclusive. However, not all is bad news with the big-four airline as it’s introducing updates to make its members feel like they’re finally flying in the 21st century.

Released ahead of schedule, Delta Airlines now allows SkyMiles members to apply upgrade certificates to their flight reservations online. This new user-friendly feature to the Delta booking was announced in October to begin in 2023, but Delta SkyMiles members can already start using it.

Global and Regional upgrade certificates allow its holder to upgrade to one cabin higher than their booked cabin—space permitting. For example, travelers who book the main cabin can upgrade to a premium cabin, and premium cabins can upgrade to their highest tier of Delta One.

Delta Airlines had one of the most outdated services for adding upgrade certificates. Upgrade certificates are included as choice benefits for Platinum and Diamond Medallion members who can select them as a perk for their upcoming travel year:

  • Platinum Medallion members can receive 4 Regional Upgrade Certificates applicable to domestic flights only
  • Diamond Medallion members can receive either 4 Global OR 8 Regional OR 2 Global AND 4 Regional Upgrade Certificates combined applicable to domestic and international flights.

How to Use Online Upgrade Certificate Requesting

The original system required Medallion members to make their flight reservations online and contact Delta directly to request the use of their upgrade certificates. However, Delta updated its booking platform to allow members to add them during the booking process.

Here’s how you can apply Delta upgrade certificates to your reservation:

  1. Visit and log in to your Delta SkyMiles account
  2. Browse flights
  3. Scroll to Upgrade Certificate Request during checkout
  4. Select which flight to apply upgrade certificate—one certificate is required per leg of the trip (round-trip flights require two certificates)
  5. Confirm booking
  6. Check email or notification via Fly Delta App for upgrade certificate confirmation or if you’re added to the waitlist for a seat upgrade

Details about Upgrade Certificates

The Delta upgrade certificates can be applied to flights operated by Delta airlines and partnering airlines: AeroMexico, Air France, KLM, Korean Air, and Virgin Atlantic–certificates are also applied online when booking via 

Keep in mind that all seat and cabin upgrades are subject to availability, and applying an upgrade certificate does not always guarantee an upgrade.

Travelers who booked their trips via Delta Vacations cannot apply their upgrade certificates online and must still contact Delta to apply the certificates to their trip.

Bottom Line

Thanks to the new online process for requesting seat upgrades, Delta Platinum and Diamond members now have a more streamlined process to take advantage of their Choice Benefits. It automates the process to eliminate the extra step of contacting their airline directly, and you will get an automatic email or notification about if the upgrade request was granted.

Let us know in the comments if you like this new addition to the Delta booking process.

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