Delta SkyMiles Сhanges 2024: Comprehensive Overview

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Delta Airlines has recently announced a series of significant changes and enhancements to its SkyMiles loyalty program. These updates, effective from 2024, are designed to make the program more accessible and rewarding for its members. Below is a detailed breakdown of the key changes.

Easier Medallion Status Achievements

Members can still achieve Medallion status exclusively via Medallion Qualifying Dollars (MQDs). These MQDs are accumulated through Delta flights, vacation packages, and expenditures on specific co-branded offerings. However, under the revised policy, MQDs will no longer be credited for car rentals, hotel stays, or vacation packages reserved through Delta. This marks a shift from the program’s earlier rules. Nevertheless, Delta will honor MQDs for any car rentals, hotel, or vacation package reservations made between September 14 and October 31, 2023, for travel occurring in 2024.

Adjusted MQD Requirements

Delta SkyMiles Сhanges 2024 - Achieving Medallion status
Image source Delta News
  • Diamond Medallion Status: Now requires $28,000 MQDs, reduced from $35,000.
  • Platinum Medallion Status: Reduced to $15,000 MQDs from $18,000.
  • Gold Medallion Status: Lowered to $10,000 MQDs, previously $12,000.
  • Silver Medallion Status: Now just $5,000 MQDs, down from $6,000.

MQD Headstart for Card Members

Earn status faster with MQD Headstart
Image source Delta News

To simplify status achievement next year, Delta is offering a MQD head start to eligible frequent flyers who hold specific co-branded credit cards. Cardholders of the Delta SkyMiles Reserve, Reserve Business, Platinum, and Platinum Business American Express Cards will get an initial boost of 2,500 MQDs for status qualification. Importantly, this MQD head start is per card, meaning multiple boosts are possible for holders of several eligible primary cards.

More details from Delta Headstart here.

Delta Sky Club Access Changes

Delta Sky Club
Delta Sky Club Boston | Source image News Delta

Enhanced Club Visit Definition

  • Club visits now span a 24-hour period from the first entry, covering departures, connections, and arrivals.

Club Access Policy Update

  • Delta SkyMiles Reserve and Reserve Business Cards: 15 visits per year, up from 10. Beginning in January, cardholders must spend $75,000 within a calendar year on a qualifying card to unlock unlimited Sky Club access.
  • Platinum and Business Platinum Cards from American Express: 10 visits annually, increased from 6. Commencing February 2025, holders of the Amex Platinum card will be required to spend $75,000 to secure unlimited Sky Club access.
  • From January 1, 2024, Delta will cease Sky Club access for Delta SkyMiles® Platinum American Express Card and Delta SkyMiles® Platinum Business American Express Card holders.
  • Basic Economy Tickets. Effective the same date, possession of a premium American Express card will not guarantee Delta Sky Club entry. Travelers with any Amex card flying on Basic Economy fares will be excluded from Sky Club access.
  • Lost the opportunity to purchase club access for $50 per visit after exhausting the allocated records.

The changes made to restrict access to the waiting room are intended to address the problem of overcrowding. However, we will see what happens in time.

Rollover MQM Flexibility

  • Choice to direct MQM Rollover balances towards either MQDs or miles.
  • Special offers for balances over 100,000 MQMs.
  • Improved conversion rates for MQM Rollover to MQDs (10:1) and to miles (2:1).
Rollover MQM Flexibility
Image source Delta News

Enhanced Million Miler Program

  • Upgraded status hierarchy for Complimentary Upgrades from 2024.
  • Improved annual Medallion Status for Million Milers from 2024, with higher tiers based on miles flown.

New Choice Benefits for 2025

  • MQD Accelerators, enhanced bonus miles, increased travel vouchers, and new flight credits.
  • Re-introduction of Delta Sky Club Individual Membership option for Diamond members.

Conclusion to Delta SkyMiles Changes 2024

For the most part, this program update may cause mixed reactions from customers. These changes reflect Delta’s efforts to improve the overall quality of its service. But the true effectiveness will become clear over time as customer behavior adapts. Some customers may increase their spending to meet the established thresholds, while others may look to other loyalty programs for benefits. Visit for more details.

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