Exclusive Delta One Check-In Opens in LAX

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The Delta One travel experience at LAX just got a lot more premium. The exclusive Delta One at LAX Check-in area just opened as part of the airline’s ongoing Sky Way project. This newest airport addition gives even more benefits to Delta One passengers, who will have a streamlined airport experience. Next time you’re flying Delta One from LAX, here’s what you can look forward to.

Delta One at LAX Check In

The Delta One Check In area opened on June 1st at Terminal 3 on the lower level for arrivals. The newly opened space is dedicated to expediting the check-in and security process, so Delta One passengers can enjoy more time in the Delta Sky Club before their flight. It accomplishes each of these objectives while delivering premium guest services.

Only eligible Delta One passengers can use this dedicated check-in area. LAX ranks as one of the top busiest airports in the world, so this designated area minimizes the time to check in and drop off bags for your flight. Passengers who check in at this area will also have access to a private TSA screening lane.

The new check-in area provides direct access to the Delta Sky Club after going through the private TSA screening. This Sky Club also received a recent expansion adding 100 more seats to the state-of-the-art space. Delta Elite Service representatives are present at the check-in area for personalized service for each passenger.

Check out images below of how it looks! 

Who Can Use the Delta One Check In

Image courtesy of Delta news

The overall Delta Sky Project improves the LAX airport traffic for Delta customers. However, it’s only for select passengers who can take advantage of this exclusive check-in area. Here are the details to see if you’re eligible:

  • Nonstop Delta One ticket for LAX-JFK
  • Nonstop Delta One ticket for long-haul transoceanic flights longer than 6.5 hours (Includes domestic Delta flights connecting to a long-haul flight)
  • Nonstop transoceanic ticket in First or Business Class on any SkyTeam®-operated flight (includes connecting flights)
  • All Delta 360 and VIP Select® members

Companion travelers on the same Delta One reservation also get access to the check-in area.

The new Delta Sky Way terminal makes check-in easier, even if you aren’t eligible for the Delta One Check In. This new terminal has 32 self-serve kiosks and 46 check-in desks.

Booking Delta One Flights

Delta One is the most exclusive cabin with lie-flat seats, complimentary Delta Sky Club access, Sky Priority services, and SkyMiles Members can earn miles on non-award flights. A round-trip flight from LAX to JFK on Delta One can cost $2,000+. However, Sky Miles members and Medallion members have alternative methods to fly Delta One.

  1. Use Miles to Upgrade

Available when booking on Delta.com for domestic flights only.

  1. Use an Upgrade Certificate

Diamond and Platinum Medallion Members can select a complimentary Upgrade Certificate for their Choice Benefits.

Special scenarios may land you a complimentary upgrade to a Delta One ticket, but you must already be confirmed when checking in to use the new area. These options are based on availability but can save you lots of money instead of booking a Delta One flight directly.

About the Sky Way Project

Image courtesy of Delta news

Delta Airlines is the leading carrier at LAX, with nearly 20% of total flights at the airport. The current Delta Sky Way project is a $2.3 Billion investment with the airport to improve the Delta customer experience. In a press release of this new opening, Justin Erbacci, CEO of LAWA, mentions that the whole project is scheduled to be completed later this summer.

“I am eager for guests to enjoy Delta’s new West Headhouse and Delta One Check-in and ticketing lobby at LAX’s Terminal 3, in addition to the entire Delta Sky Way project when it opens later this summer. These projects truly are establishing the new norm of first-rate guest experiences passengers will find across LAX.”

In addition to the new Delta One Check In, the Sky Way will feature Delta passenger check-ins, the newly renovated Delta Sky Club, an outdoor Sky Deck open year-round, a double bar, as well as improved digital technology for an upgrade airport experience. 

Bottom Line

The Delta foothold at LAX continues to expand as we near the completion of the Delta Sky Way. Delta One passengers are paying for a premium experience, and this dedicated check-in space with customer service and private screenings helps accomplish it.

Image courtesy of Delta news
Image courtesy of Delta news
Image courtesy of Delta news

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