Earn United MileagePlus Miles When Flying JSX

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United MileagePlus members can now earn miles when flying private with JSX. The new airline partnership with United Airlines and JSX introduces commercial perks even when traveling semi-private. JSX lets United MileagePlus members experience an alternative way to travel and earn.

Earning United MileagePlus Miles with JSX

Every time you travel on JSX can earn United MileagePlus Miles. The independent airline has partnered with United to offer perks for its loyalty program members. Qualifying flights on JSX offer miles awards. However, the miles bonuses vary based on how United MileagePlus members purchase their tickets.

Purchase JSX ticket through United.com and related – ticket number starts with “016”

United MileagePlus members can find JSX-operated flights on United.com, booking directly with United Customer Contact Center, or in-person United Airlines personnel. Tickets booked via this method qualify for miles earned based on airfare paid for the ticket.

These tickets include ticket numbers starting with “016” and offer the following United MileagePlus bonuses:

United MileagePlus StatusUnited MileagePlus Miles Awarded (based on airfare)
Basic Member5X
United MileagePlus Premier ® Silver7X
United MileagePlus Premier Gold8X
United MileagePlus Premier Platinum9X
United MileagePlus Premier 1K ®11X

Purchase JSX ticket through alternative platforms

JSX tickets are available via JSX.com and related, third-party flight booking platforms, and more. Flights not booked through United still qualify to earn United MileagePlus Miles bonuses. However, these tickets award miles bonuses based on flight distance and the fare class of your ticket.

These tickets do not start with “016” and offer the following bonuses:

Class FlownPurchased Fare ClassUnited MileagePlus Miles Bonus Awarded
Full-fare EconomyY, B, E, M100%
EconomyV, S, D, T100%
Discount EconomyW, G, Q75%
Deep-Discount EconomyN, H, P50%

All bonuses based on fares only include the ticket base fare and carrier surcharges. The bonus excludes taxes and other fees.

United MileagePlus Members Have Access to Flying Semi-Private

JSX is a unique “semi-private” airline pioneering a new way for United MileagePlus members to travel. Avoid crowded airports by traveling JSX and earn United MileagePlus miles at the same time. Founded in 2016, JSX has made private travel more accessible to budget travelers. It operates flights via private business jet terminals, allowing its passengers to experience a more executive style of travel.

Some of the perks to flying on JSX are:

  • Access to Executive Business Terminal with passenger waiting area
  • Arrive and check-in 20 minutes before your flight time
  • Complimentary in-flight snacks and alcoholic beverages
  • Two complimentary checked bags (includes ski, snowboard equipment bags, or mountain bikes)
  • Pets fly free with the Pets On Jets program

This ‘hop-on jet service’ is currently available for short domestic flights. It has a fleet of 20 small aircraft traveling to 20+ cities in the US and Mexico.

United MileagePlus members are eligible to earn miles for JSX flights as of June 2, 2022. Credit is offered for previous flights flown after the start date. Members must include their United MileagePlus number on JSX reservations in order to receive miles credit.

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