Earn 10,000 IHG Points With the Offer “Welcome Back: Stay Twice” (Target)

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Fast Facts

  • IHG has launched a new target offer: Welcome Back: Stay Twice, Get 10,000 Points
  • To participate, you must meet the criteria and register.
  • Make two qualifying stays within a 60-day period (cost per night is at least $30, cash only)

Overview of IHG’s “Welcome Back” Promotion

IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) has introduced a new promotional campaign titled “Welcome Back: Stay Twice, Get 10,000 Points.” This offer is specifically tailored for a select group of IHG One Rewards members.

It’s designed to incentivize repeat stays by offering bonus points after members complete their second paid stay within a defined period. This initiative follows a previous promotion that offered 12,000 points earlier in the year.

Offer Details

To benefit from this promotion, members must first register through IHG’s dedicated offer page. Once registered, the participant needs to complete two eligible stays within 60 days to qualify for the 10,000 bonus points. An important detail to note is that only paid stays are eligible; stays booked using only rewards points or a combination of points and cash do not qualify. Additionally, each night of the stay must be priced at over $30.

If you receive an error when trying to register, it means that you are not eligible to participate in the promotion at this time. The offer is limited to a certain segment of participants.


The “Welcome Back: Stay Twice, Get 10,000 Points” offer by IHG demonstrates a continued effort to engage with and reward loyal customers through targeted promotions. While it has specific eligibility requirements and potential registration issues, the promotion can significantly benefit those who qualify and choose to participate.

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