Earn 12,000 Bonus Points with IHG’s Two-Stay Offer (Target)

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Overview of the “Welcome Back: Stay Twice, Get 12,000 Points” Offer

The “Welcome Back: Stay Twice, Get 12,000 Points” initiative is tailored for IHG One Rewards members by invitation. 

This scheme requires prior registration to qualify. Participants have the opportunity to accrue 12,000 bonus points by completing two qualifying stays within a 60-day window. This brief delves into the mechanics, eligibility criteria, and terms attached to this offer, providing a structured analysis for potential participants.

Qualifying Stays and Points Accumulation

This offer requires a minimum one-night stay at participating IHG® Hotels & Resorts or Six Senses properties, as highlighted on each hotel’s booking page. Such stays must be booked with a “Qualifying Rate,” with a cost of over $30 per night. 

The offer underscores that only one room per member per stay counts towards this promotion. Notably, should multiple members share a room, only one can claim the stay under this offer. 

Importantly, registration must precede the stays for them to qualify, with no backward credit for previous nights.

Hotel Indigo La Paz Puerta Cortés
Hotel Indigo La Paz Puerta Cortés | Image source IHG News

Offer Period and Limitations

The crucial timeframe, dubbed the “Offer Period,” spans 60 days post-registration, within which the qualifying stays must be completed. This offer can be applied only once per member during this period, capping the bonus points at 12,000. 

These bonus points do not contribute towards Elite status qualification.


The “Welcome Back: Stay Twice, Get 12,000 Points” offer represents a structured approach for IHG One Rewards members to accrue additional points. Members can increase their rewards balance, although with considerations for the offer’s specific eligibility requirements.

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