Double Velocity Points Promotion To/From Australia on United Airlines 

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Fast Facts

    • Virgin Australia is offering double miles on United Airlines flights between key Australian cities and California, USA, until September 30, 2024 (register by April 19)

    • Only direct United (UA) or Virgin Australia (VA) flights from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to Los Angeles or San Francisco (and vice versa) are eligible for the contest

Virgin Australia has introduced a promotion that doubles Velocity Points for travelers flying direct between key Australian cities and California, USA. This analysis will delve into the specifics of the offer, its eligibility requirements, and its practical implications for travelers considering this opportunity.

To benefit from the Double Velocity Points offer, participants must adhere to several conditions:

  1. Activation: The offer must be redeemed via a special link by the deadline of April 19, 2024, 23:59 EET.
Double Velocity Points offer
Image source Velocity Frequent Flyer
  1. Travel Period: Travel must occur between April 9, 2024, and September 30, 2024.
  2. Flight Eligibility: Only direct flights operated by United Airlines from Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane to Los Angeles or San Francisco (and vice versa) qualify. These flights must be marketed by either operated by United (UA) or Virgin Australia (VA).
steps to earn double velocity points

Points Crediting

The additional Velocity Points are credited directly to the traveler’s Velocity membership account, requiring the account number to be included in the booking. It’s crucial to note that while bonus points are awarded based on the fare class originally purchased, subsequent upgrades do not yield additional bonus points.

Practical Application for Travelers


  • Increased Rewards: For frequent travelers and those planning trips to California, this promotion can effectively double the rewards earned, accelerating the accumulation of Velocity Points which can be redeemed for flights, upgrades, or other services.
  • Simplicity: Booking can be easily made through the Virgin Australia or United Airlines websites or through a local travel agent, facilitating access to the offer.


  • Limited Flight Options: The promotion is restricted to specific flights and does not apply to codeshare or partner-operated flights other than those specified.
  • Timing of Points Crediting: Participants should be prepared to wait up to four weeks after the travel period for the bonus points to be credited, which may impact those planning to use points in the near term.


With this offer, Virgin Australia is trying to encourage Velocity members to fly United from Australia to the US and vice versa. 

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