Delta ‘TakeOff 15’ Off for 15% Discount and Up to 110k SkyMiles

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Award travel on Delta Airlines just got better with the latest ‘TakeOff 15’ offer from Delta SkyMiles credit card holders. With discounts on flights and a limited-time offer for bonus Delta SkyMiles upon signing up, it’s one of the best times to join its award-winning loyalty program. Delta SkyMiles members will soon travel even more with Delta with this special offer.

New Feature for Delta AmEx Cardholders

Delta Airlines and American Express have several co-branded personal and business cards. Delta SkyMiles members have enjoyed cardholder travel perks, including Main Cabin 1 priority boarding on Delta Flights and the first checked bag free. The latest feature adds even more benefit to having the card.

The ’Takeoff 15’ discount gives travelers 15% off when booking award flights using your Delta SkyMiles. It’s a permanent feature now available on select Delta AmEx cards to have more incentive to book Delta flights with points.

Current and new cardholders with these Delta credit cards get the ‘Takeoff 15’ discount on bookings:

  • Delta SkyMiles Blue Card
  • Delta SkyMiles Gold Card
  • Delta SkyMiles Gold Business Card
  • Delta SkyMiles Platinum Card
  • Delta SkyMiles Platinum Business Card
  • Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card
  • Delta SkyMiles Reserve Business Card

According to a press release by American Express, 88% of surveyed cardholders want more value when they travel. Thanks to a limited-time offer, new cardholders can get even more SkyMiles to enjoy savings when booking award flights on Delta.

Limited Time Delta Skymiles Sign-up Bonus for New Cardholders

The ‘TakeOff 15’ offer is available for current and new cardholders. If you’re still on the fence about getting a Delta SkyMiles credit card, Delta introduced a limited-time sign-up bonus offer for each card to give even more reason to choose Delta. 

Here are details about the bonus SkyMiles you’ll get after meeting spending targets:

The limited-time sign-up bonus offers are only available for new accounts opened until March 27, 2024.

Partner Airlines Excluded from Discount TakeOff 15

Global airline partners make the Delta SkyMiles program flexible for travelers worldwide. It has 20+ travel partners, including Air France/ KLM, AeroMexico, LATAM Airlines, China Airlines, AirEuropa, and more.

The ‘Takeoff 15’ discount only applies to award bookings on Delta Airlines flights. SkyMiles members can still use miles to book award flights on partner airlines, but no additional discount is applied.

How to Link Delta Credit Card to SkyMiles Account?

To take advantage of the new 15% discount feature, you must first link your Delta SkyMiles and American Express accounts.

For new accounts:

  1. Visit Delta SkyMiles AmEx page
  2. Click ‘Apply Now for personal or business cards
  3. Complete application form
  4. Select ‘Yes’ under ‘Enrollled in the Delta SkyMiles Program’ and enter Delta SkyMiles Number
  5. Click continue and follow the steps for application approval

For current accounts:

  1. Log in to your American Express account via
  2. Choose Frequent Travel Participant
  3. Select ‘ Add Another account’
  4. Enter Delta SkyMiles rewards details to link accounts

Once the accounts are linked, the ‘Takeoff 15’ discount is applied automatically when booking with Delta SkyMiles.

Final Thoughts

The ‘Takeoff 15’ discount is a new feature to Delta AmEx credit cards that accomplishes the goal of adding more value for travelers. And now with even bigger sign-up bonuses, those SkyMiles can go even further when booking Delta award flights.

Let us know if this new benefit adds value to the Delta AmEx cards.

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