Delta’s Business Travel Fast-Track: Strategic Medallion Access

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Offer Ends: 12/31/2024

Delta Air Lines has introduced two distinctive fast-track routes to Medallion Status for business travelers, effective from January 1, 2024. Tailored for SkyMiles members who are active employees of companies with Corporate Sales or Midmarket Sales Agreements with Delta, these offers aim to enhance the business travel experience by providing accelerated access to Medallion benefits. 

Enhancing Business Travel: Fast Track to Medallion Status

Delta’s initiative targets business travelers with two routes, each designed to streamline the journey to Medallion Status. The offers are crafted to recognize and reward the loyalty of business travelers, offering a pathway to Silver, Gold, and Platinum Medallion Statuses through tailored terms and conditions. Eligibility requires registration by December 31, 2024, with qualifying activities to be completed within six months. 

Route #1: The Standard Business Traveler Offer

Route #1 caters to business travelers without the need for a qualifying Delta SkyMiles American Express Card. This offer focuses on the business traveler’s need for flexibility and rewards, emphasizing ticket purchases through company-approved booking channels post-registration.

  • Silver Medallion Status – Earn $2,000 MQD
  • Gold Medallion Status – Earn $4,500 MQD
  • Platinum Medallion Status – Earn $7,000 MQD

Route #2: The Card Member Exclusive for Business Travelers

Specifically for primary cardholders of Delta SkyMiles Bussines Platinum or Reserve Business American Express Cards, Route #2 offers an exclusive fast-track for business travelers. This route reduces the MQD thresholds for attaining Medallion Status, adding a layer of value for cardholders.

  • Silver Medallion Status – Earn $1,500 MQD
  • Gold Medallion Status – Earn $3,500 MQD
  • Platinum Medallion Status – Earn $5,500 MQD
Fast Track to Medallion Status for business
Fast Track to Medallion Status for business | Image source Delta Business

Criteria and Qualifying Activities for Business Travelers

The fast-track offers are available exclusively to business travelers receiving direct communication from Delta or through an authorized channel. 

Both routes require adherence to corporate travel policies and the strategic use of company booking channels, aligning individual travel benefits with corporate agreements.

Achieving Medallion Status through these offers depends on accumulating specified MQDs within six months. With a promotional period extending to June 30, 2025, business travelers have a clear and attainable goal for enhancing their travel status directly tied to their business travel activities.

For comparison, the usual requirements for medallion status:

  • Silver Medallion Status – $5,000 MQD
  • Gold Medallion Status – $10,000 MQD
  • Platinum Medallion Status – $15,000 MQD
  • Diamond Medallion Status – $28,000 MQD


Delta Air Lines’ fast-track to Medallion Status offers for business travelers reflect a thoughtful approach to rewarding business travel loyalty. By providing clear pathways to elevated travel statuses, Delta aims to enhance the travel experience for its corporate clientele and credit card holders, reinforcing its commitment to recognizing the unique needs and contributions of business travelers.

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