Choice Privileges’ Exclusive Offer with United Airlines MileagePlus

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Choice Privileges has initiated an exciting conversion bonus offer, allowing members to transfer their points to United Airlines’ MileagePlus program with an added benefit.

5,000 Choice Privileges points can be redeemed to get 2,000 MileagePlus miles
5,000 Choice Privileges points can be redeemed to get 2,000 MileagePlus miles | Image source Choice

Key Points of the Offer

Who Can Benefit?

Members of Choice Privileges, especially those who previously belonged to Radisson Rewards Americas and had their points shifted to Choice, can find this offer useful. It’s particularly suitable for those with an abundance of idle points in their accounts and are looking for a way to utilize United miles.

Terms to Note

  • The offer may not apply to all members.
  • Transactions should align with the other exchange transaction criteria.
  • An active United MileagePlus account is essential for the miles to be credited within 48 hours post-transaction.
  • Choice Hotels holds the right to modify or end this promotion anytime.

For an in-depth understanding, visit the Choice Hotels official page on this offer here.

Important MileagePlus Program Guidelines

  • United can make alterations to the MileagePlus Program, including its rules, rewards, and offers, or even terminate it without prior notification.
  • Mileage accumulation, awards, or any status within the program doesn’t give members any permanent rights.
  • Only United Airlines and MileagePlus hold the authority to finalize any calculations related to the program.
  • The detailed rules and regulations of the MileagePlus Program are available on the website.

Always ensure to stay updated with the latest information and terms related to any rewards program to maximize your benefits.


While the points transfer offer might not appear enticing on its own, for those with a stockpile of Choice Privileges points and minimal engagement in the program, this becomes a viable alternative. Especially when considering that points diminish in worth over time and even expire entirely without any qualifying actions within an 18-month timeframe, this offer serves as a reasonable exchange choice.

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