Boost Your MileagePlus Account: Buy Miles Now and Enjoy Up to 90% Bonus!

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Valid Period of the Offer From 8:00 a.m. CT on October 4, 2023, until 11:59 p.m. CT on October 26, 2023, there’s a special promotional offer for those interested in boosting their MileagePlus account.

Key Points to Consider

  • Exclusion from Past Transactions: The promotional offer does not apply to any previous transactions made outside the mentioned time frame.
  • Bonus Miles Limit: Any bonus miles you get will be counted towards the 175,000-mile annual cap per account.
  • The smallest amount you can buy is 2,000 miles. 
  • To qualify for a bonus, your purchase should be no less than 5,000 miles. Bonuses increase with the number of miles you buy. 
  • The top bonus offered in this deal is 90%. For those eligible for the maximum bonus, the cost stands at 1.98 cents for each mile (when buying 40,000 miles or more).

How many miles you need to buy to get the bonus?

Members who see this 90% bonus offer with a maximum amount per purchase of 92,000 miles can purchase United Airlines miles at the following rates:

  • 2,000-4,000 miles: No bonus
  • 5,000-14,000 miles: 30% bonus
  • 15,000-39,000 miles: 60% bonus 
  • 40,000-92,000 miles: 90% bonus

Here’s a example of buying 92,000 miles with a maximum 90% bonus.

Example of buying 92,000 miles with a maximum 90% bonus

Is Buying United Miles Worth It?

The answer skews heavily towards a “yes” if you’re planning to utilize them for international business flights or first-class tickets, especially between pricier city pairs. Purchasing miles can potentially yield significant savings in such scenarios.

This is not the best offer for buying points, the previous promotion in September had a maximum 100% bonus.

Search international business flights on

Example of options for international business flights (Search on


In sum, for the majority of travelers, securing United miles through means other than purchasing them at 1.98¢ each might be more advantageous. Nevertheless, for those who have tapped out all other avenues, acquiring miles at this rate could be a logical step to unlock certain rewards.

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