Purchase Hilton Honors Points with a 100% Bonus and a Raised Limit Until November 23, 2023

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Hilton Honors is wrapping up a target promotion that promises to add value to your travels.  With a significant increase in the points purchase limit and a generous 100% bonus, this deal is not just lucrative but a gateway to luxurious stays at a fraction of the usual cost. Let’s delve into the details of this offer and then explore how it can translate into a dream holiday, using the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort as a prime example.

Promotion Overview: Doubling the Possibilities

In a departure from the norm, Hilton Honors members can now purchase up to 160,000 points annually, double the regular limit of 80,000 points. The highlight? A 100% bonus on these points, effectively offering 320,000 points at the price of 160,000. This substantial boost in points acquisition opens up new avenues for planning luxurious stays at Hilton’s global properties.

Example of buying the maximum number of Hilton Honors points with this offer

Case Study: The Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort

To understand the real-world impact of this promotion, let’s consider a specific example. Imagine planning a trip to the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, a jewel in Hilton’s crown, for a 5-night stay from May 30 to June 4, 2024.

The Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort reservation offer was found on PointsCrowd

The Regular Cost

Booking this stay typically costs $2,925.41. However, under the current promotion, there’s a more cost-effective alternative.

Booking the same stay for cash

The Points Purchase Option

You can purchase 280,000 Hilton Honors points for just $1,400 during this promotion. This amount of points covers the entire stay, effectively halving the cost when compared to the regular cash price.

Why This Deal Stands Out

  • Economical: You’re getting a luxury stay worth nearly $3,000 for just $1,400.
  • Flexibility: The points can be used for booking various dates and room types, subject to availability.
  • Inclusive Pricing: Hilton Honors points bookings include all taxes and fees, providing transparency in pricing.
  • Elite Perks: Elite members can get even more benefits with features such as “fifth night free”.


This promotion from Hilton Honors makes sense if you have a cherished vacation in the Hilton network. Plan ahead, take advantage of opportunities and turn your points into cherished travel memories.

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