New Delta SkyMiles Dashboard to Track and Redeem Miles

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Delta Airlines makes it easier for SkyMiles members to track and redeem miles in a major change to its user experience. So, the next time you log in to your Delta SkyMiles account, you’ll have a brand new interface to explore. Here’s what to expect and where to find your favorite miles features.

New Delta SkyMiles Dashboard Updates

Logging into their Delta SkyMiles accounts via is an entirely new way to see your miles progress and access redemption rewards. It’s sleeker and less cluttered, with links hidden in sub-categories dedicated to My SkyMiles, My Trips, My Profile, and Receipts. Also, it has featured sections with information about your current SkyMiles, tracking your progress to Elite Medallion Status, with helpful links to guides, redeeming perks, and more.

It’s a minimalistic approach to giving SkyMiles members the most important information upfront—how many miles are available and how long it will take to get to the next elite status.

Track Progress to Elite Status

The highlight feature of the new Delta SkyMiles dashboard is the status progress section. It introduces a new way for members to see their progress to elite status.

The updated interface has circle displays to replace the original bar graphs. The four displays are divided into sections for Completed and Earned Medallion Qualifying Miles (MQM) or Medallion Qualifying Dollars (MQD) for the current period. Members can see how many miles and dollars are needed to reach the next elite tier. In addition, it includes Pending & Upcoming miles and dollars to keep track of what you’ll earn on future trips.

Each time you earn enough Medallion Qualifying Miles or Medallion Qualifying Miles to reach an elite status tier, the circles will change to green—a simplified visual to confirm your progress. Keep in mind that Delta Elite Status requires MQM and MQD to earn the status, so both sections must be green before upgrading.

Redeeming Delta SkyMiles

Even better than earning SkyMiles is redeeming them! With the new SkyMiles dashboard, you have one-click access to many member benefits. Now, you can see exactly how you can use your miles and elite benefits if you haven’t taken advantage of them already.

The header section of the SkyMiles Overview features available miles and an easy-to-click button to ‘Book With Miles’ for award travel.

Already have elite status? Scroll down to see a user-friendly visual of benefits get at your current status. Members have the option to toggle to view all of their current benefits and also see benefits coming up once they reach the next tier.

The new dashboard also includes quick links to member perks, including learning or requesting complimentary upgrades and accessing your SkyMiles Digital Card.

Is the New Delta SkyMiles Dashboard Better?

The goal of the new member interface is to improve the user experience. However, it’s up to SkyMiles members to decide whether the interface is truly better or not. For example, some members may prefer the original bar displays for tracking points instead of the new circle displays for a more compact reading. Also, using sub-categories may hide links to features once readily accessible.

Managing miles has always been a challenge for members. Add your SkyMiles to our Points Wallet and see unique trip ideas for award trips you can take with your current balance.

Final Thoughts

It’s refreshing to see a new interface when logging into your Delta SkyMiles account. The new dashboard has many design features that make it easier to see your miles and track progress to reach elite status.

Delta SkyMiles members began seeing the update as early as February 13, 2023. My interface has not yet been updated as of writing.

Do you like the new SkyMiles dashboard or prefer the original interface?

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