JetBlue’s Delta Medallion Status Match Offer: An Analysis

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JetBlue has thrown its hat into the ring of airlines courting disgruntled Delta Medallion members by introducing a status match offer. With similar moves made by other airlines, it’s crucial to understand the intricacies of JetBlue’s proposition.

The Offer at a Glance

  • Validity: Until October 31, 2023, or once 30,000 Delta Medallion members have applied.
  • Eligibility: Current TrueBlue members in good standing and existing Delta Medallion Elite Members.
  • Key Requirement: Names on Delta and JetBlue accounts must match. Only earned Delta Medallion statuses are considered, not promotional or transferred ones.
  • Status Match Duration: If approved, the status match will be valid until December 30, 2023. However, there are provisions to extend this till the end of 2024.
  • Tile System: To earn status in 2024, participants need to earn a specific number of tiles, dependent on their Mosaic status level. Tiles can be acquired through Travel Spend, Card Spend, or purchasing bonus tiles.

In-depth Look at the Tile System

Tiles are essentially loyalty points. The details from the terms offer provide a deeper understanding:

  • Tile Value: One tile is roughly equivalent to $100 spent with JetBlue.
  • Earning Tiles: Participants must earn a set number of tiles by December 30, 2023, depending on their matched Mosaic level. For example, Mosaic 1 requires 6 tiles ($600), while Mosaic 4 requires 30 tiles ($3,000).
  • Maintaining Status: For continued status in 2024, members need to earn between 6 to 30 tiles, depending on their Mosaic level.
  • Restricted Earnings: Not all tiles count towards this promotion. For instance, tiles gifted from another member or selected via bonuses don’t contribute.

Alaska Airlines offers a similar status match offer for Delta Elite Medallion Members.

Comparison with Alaska’s Offer

Both JetBlue and Alaska aim to capture the same audience, but their offers differ:

  • Network Reach: Alaska predominantly serves the western US, making it less appealing to Delta’s East Coast members. JetBlue, with its East Coast, Caribbean, and limited European routes, might be a more attractive option for these members.
  • Alliances: While JetBlue isn’t part of any major alliance, Alaska is with Oneworld. However, the extent of benefits derived from this might vary based on the member’s flight patterns.


JetBlue’s status match offer, aimed at Delta Medallion members, provides a lucrative opportunity, especially for those based on the East Coast. The tile-based system offers flexibility in maintaining and advancing status levels. However, potential applicants must thoroughly understand the terms and conditions to make the most of this offer. Comparatively, for Delta’s East Coast members, JetBlue’s proposition seems to have an edge over Alaska’s.

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