Introduction to the IHG® Business Rewards 2X Points Offer

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The IHG® Business Rewards program is providing an exciting opportunity for its members to earn double points on stays, meetings, and events. This limited-time offer is an excellent way for members to maximize their rewards and enjoy the benefits of their membership.

Eligibility and Registration

To take advantage of the IHG® Business Rewards 2X Points offer, individuals must be registered members of the IHG® Business Rewards program and adhere to its terms and conditions. Registration for the offer is straightforward – members can simply click “register now” on the promotional materials related to the offer. Upon registration, they agree to the specific terms and conditions of this promotion.

Earning Double Points: The Mechanics

Members who have successfully registered for the offer can earn double IHG One Rewards points on qualifying spend for all bookings made during the period from September 6, 2023, to December 31, 2023. These bookings must be completed between September 6, 2023, and June 30, 2024. 

For every $1 USD of Qualifying Spend, members can earn three base points and an additional three bonus points, totaling six points per dollar. It’s important to note that the first three base points are considered Elite-Qualifying Points, while the additional three bonus points are Non-Elite Qualifying Points.

Limitations and Conditions

While there is no restriction on the number of bookings a member can make under this offer, there is a maximum cap of 120,000 total points that can be earned on any single qualifying booking, including all associated spending. Bookings made outside the specified booking period or not completed within the offer period will not qualify for the double points. Members should also ensure they are booking at participating IHG® Hotels & Resorts, as not all locations are included in this promotion.

Group bookings for 10 or more rooms or attendees may require a direct booking and a signed contract. Ensuring that the IHG One Rewards account number is linked to the booking is crucial for earning bonus points.

Examples of Earning Potential

To illustrate the benefits of this offer, consider a member who spends $5,000 USD during the offer period; they would earn a total of 30,000 points (15,000 base points + 15,000 bonus points). For a larger spend of $20,000 USD, a member would reach the cap, earning 120,000 points (60,000 base points + 60,000 bonus points).


The IHG® Business Rewards 2X Points offer presents a lucrative opportunity for members to earn double points on their stays, meetings, and events. By ensuring eligibility, registering for the offer, and booking at participating hotels during the specified periods, members can maximize their rewards and enjoy the numerous benefits of the IHG® Business Rewards program.

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