IHG target offer: Members Can Choose Between Bonus Elite Night Credits or Silver Elite Status

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Offer Ends: 07/31/2024
Fast Facts

    • The offer requires an invitation to participate and registration, during which the participant chooses one of two offers: instant Silver Elite status or bonus Elite Night Credits.

    • The registration period and promotion lasts until July 31, 2024.

IHG One Rewards has launched a target promotional offer that allows its members to choose between earning bonus Elite Night Credits (up to 15) and attaining instant Silver Elite status. 

IHG offer: Members Can Choose Between Bonus Elite Night Credits or Silver Elite Status
Image source IHG Offer

Promotion Overview

Eligibility and Registration

This offer is valid for IHG One Rewards members who have received an invitation (in their account or email) and have registered, which entitles them to one of two available offers – instant Silver Elite status or bonus Elite Night Credits. Once members have chosen and registered, they cannot switch between the two options. The registration and promotion period runs from April 5, 2024 to July 31, 2024.

Bonus Elite Night Credits or Silver Elite Status
Bonus Elite Night Credits or Silver Elite Status | Image IHG offer

Offer Options

Members have two options under this promotion:

  1. Instant Silver Elite Status Offer:
    • Members choosing this option will automatically receive Silver Elite status through the end of 2024 upon registration.
  2. Bonus Elite Night Credits Offer:
    • Members can earn one Bonus Elite Night Credit for each night of an Offer-Qualifying Room Night stayed during the promotion period, with a cap of 15 credits.

How to Participate

Steps to Earn Rewards

  • Receive an invitation to participate in the offer.
  • Registration: Members must first register their member number for the chosen offer within the stipulated period.
  • Qualifying Stays: For the Bonus Elite Night Credits, each stay must be an Offer-Qualifying Room Night during the promotional period. Qualifying Room Nights must be part of a Promotion Eligible Qualifying Stay, defined as a minimum 1-night stay at a participating hotel, exceeding $30 USD per night.

Terms of Participation

  • Room Eligibility: Only the room nights that fall within the promotional period and are booked under a Qualifying Rate at participating IHG hotels count towards the promotion.
  • Exclusions: Stays at Six Senses Hotels, Resorts & Spas that do not participate in IHG One Rewards and Iberostar Beachfront Resorts not fully integrated into the program are excluded. Also, bookings through online travel agencies or other reservation sites do not qualify.
  • Credit Allocation: If a member books more than one room on the same night, credit towards the promotion will be given for only one of the rooms that meet the requirements of a Qualifying Room Night.

Practical Application

Members looking to make the most out of this promotion should consider their travel plans and frequency of stays. For those who frequently stay at IHG hotels, the Bonus Elite Night Credits option might accelerate the advancement towards higher elite status levels and milestone rewards. Conversely, for less frequent travelers or those new to IHG One Rewards, opting for Instant Silver Elite status could immediately provide enhanced benefits without the need for multiple stays.

Requirements for elite statuses IHG One Rewards | Image source Pointscrowd
Perks of IHG Elite Membership | Image source Pointscrowd


IHG One Rewards offers select members a flexible approach to accelerating rewards and status in the loyalty program. Silver Elite Status doesn’t offer many benefits, so if you plan to participate, it’s better to aim for Bonus Elite Night Credits, which will accelerate your status beyond silver.

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