Hilton Rewards Select Business Travelers With An Instant Trial Diamond & Fast-Track Program 

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Fast Facts

  • Business travelers can receive instant Diamond status upon registration, valid until August 31, 2024, by signing up with their work email.
  • To keep Diamond status until March 2026, members must spend 12 nights during the promotional period. Instead, if you work 6-11 nights, you will receive Gold status.
  • The offer is available to employees of some companies, such as IBM, Oracle, and Accenture, who must pre-register.

Hilton has introduced a Trial Diamond status offer with a fast track to maintain it through March 2026. This promotion is designed for select business travelers who can register and meet specific stay requirements. The trial provides instant Diamond status until August 31, 2024, with the possibility to extend it by completing a minimum number of nights.

Hilton Rewards Select Business Travelers With An Instant Trial Diamond & Fast-Track Program 
Hilton Rewards Select Business Travelers With An Instant Trial Diamond & Fast-Track Program  | Image source Hilton Honors offer

Key Features of the Offer

Instant Trial Diamond Status

  • Initial Status: Eligible members receive Diamond status upon registration, valid through August 31, 2024.
  • Requirements to Maintain Diamond: Complete at least 12 qualifying nights during the promotional period to retain Diamond status through March 2026.
  • Partial Completion: Completing 6 to 11 nights during the trial period results in maintaining Gold status through March 2026.

Who Can Participate

  • Eligible Members: This offer is available to business travelers from select companies such as IBM, Oracle, and Accenture, among others.
  • Registration Requirements: Members must register using their work email address to verify eligibility.

How to Register

  • Online Registration: Participants can register for the offer through Hilton’s dedicated Fast Track page.
  • Processing Time: Hilton typically processes applications within 7-12 business days, with possible extensions for additional validation.
How to Register
How to Register | Image source Hilton Honors offer

Benefits During the Trial

Diamond Tier Benefits

  • Usual Diamond Benefits: During the trial period, members receive benefits such as lounge access, breakfast for two or a food and beverage credit, and room upgrades (subject to availability).
  • Promotion Period: The trial period runs from May 1, 2024, to August 31, 2024.
Hilton Diamond Tier Benefits
Hilton Diamond Tier Benefits | Image source Hilton Honors offer

Qualifying Stays

Eligible Nights

  • Qualifying Nights: Only stays booked directly through Hilton channels are eligible. Reward nights and third-party bookings do not qualify.
  • Minimum Stay Requirements: Members need to complete a minimum of 12 nights to maintain Diamond status or between 6 and 11 nights to retain Gold status.

Terms and Conditions

Status Match Rules

  • One-Time Use: Members can only use the status match benefit once per year.
  • Non-Retroactive: Stays completed before registration do not count towards the night requirements.
  • Proof of Employment: Participants must provide proof of employment and recent stays using screenshots in JPG or PNG format.



Hilton’s Trial Diamond and Fast Track offer provide an opportunity for business travelers to experience and potentially retain elite Diamond status by meeting the required stay criteria. This promotion is particularly useful for those who frequently travel for work and wish to maximize their loyalty benefits.

There is also a separate offer of status matching from competing programs – Hilton Status Match & Gold/Diamond Trial Fast Track 2024.

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