Hilton Honors “Points Plus” Promotion – get an additional 2,500 bonus points for every stay

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Offer Ends: Expired

The Hilton Honors “Points Plus” promotion offers registered members an opportunity to earn additional points during their stays. This review provides a factual breakdown of the promotion’s key aspects, structured to offer clarity and understanding of the offer.

Hilton Honors "Points Plus" Promotion - get an additional 2,500 bonus points for every stay
Source image Hilton Honors

Promotion Period and Eligibility

  • Duration: January 1 – May 1, 2024
  • Eligibility: Exclusive to Hilton Honors members who register for the promotion at HiltonHonors.com/PointsPlus (registered before January 1, 2024)

Bonus Points Details

  • Primary Bonus: 2,000 Bonus Points per stay during the promotion period.
  • Digital Key Bonus: An additional 500 Bonus Points per stay when using the Digital Key feature.
  • No Cap: There is no limit to the total amount of Bonus Points earned during the promotion period.

Conditions and Limitations

  • Registration Requirement: Members must register before completing a stay.
  • Stay Definition: A ‘stay’ encompasses consecutive nights at the same hotel.
  • Ineligibility for Elite Tier: Bonus Points do not count towards elite tier qualification.
  • Point Allocation Timeframe: Bonus Points are credited 6-8 weeks after stay completion.
  • Exclusions: Offer not valid for groups and cannot be combined with certain other offers.

Additional Information and Assistance

Examples of Points Accumulation

  • Example 1: 3-night stay at $100/night with Digital Key use results in 5,500 Points 

3,000 Base Points (10 Points per USD x $100 x 3 Nights) + 2,500 Bonus Points

  • Example 2: 3-night stay at $100/night without Digital Key use results in 5,000 Points 3,000 Base Points + 2,000 Bonus Points

Digital Key Feature

  • How to Use: Accessible via the Hilton Honors app, allowing keyless room access.

More answers to frequently asked questions about this offer can be found here.


The Hilton Honors “Points Plus” promotion indeed favors participants who opt for higher-priced stays, primarily due to its structure. Here are some conclusions drawn from the promotion’s details:

  • Direct Link to Rate Paid: The base points earned are directly proportional to the amount spent (10 Points per USD). Therefore, members staying at more expensive hotels will naturally accrue more base points.
  • Flat Bonus Points: The additional 2,000 Bonus Points per stay and the 500 Bonus Points for using Digital Key are flat rates, independent of the stay’s cost. This means that while all members benefit from these bonuses, their relative value is higher for those spending less.
  • Greater Advantage at Higher Rates: Considering the base point structure, a guest spending more per night will earn significantly more total points (base + bonus) than someone opting for a budget stay. For instance, a member spending $200 per night will earn double the base points of someone spending $100 per night, plus the flat bonus points, leading to a higher overall points gain.
  • No Ceiling on Bonus Points: With no limit on the total bonus points that can be earned during the promotion period, frequent and high-spending guests stand to gain substantially over time.
  • Strategic Value for Regular Travelers: Regular travelers or business guests who tend to choose mid-range to high-end Hilton properties will find this promotion particularly beneficial.

In summary, the “Points Plus” promotion offers a more pronounced benefit to Hilton Honors members who opt for higher-rate stays, as their total point accrual (base plus bonus) will be significantly higher compared to those staying at more economical options. This makes the promotion especially attractive to those who either prefer or require more expensive accommodations.

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