Delta and Starbucks Announce Rewards Partnership

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Your daily morning routine just got more rewarding with the latest announcement from Delta and Starbucks. This innovative partnership merges your love for coffee with your travel aspirations, allowing those pumpkin spice lattes to accumulate into flights to your dream destinations with Delta.

This article dives into the Delta and Starbucks rewards collaboration, providing you with all the details on how to benefit from it starting today.

Unlocking the Rewards: How It Works

Starbucks joins a prestigious list of Delta partnerships, including names like Airbnb, Lyft, Instacart, and Turo, aiming to reward Delta SkyMiles members for their loyalty. The new partnership between Delta and Starbucks offers enticing benefits once you link your accounts:

  • Earn 1 Delta SkyMile for every $1 spent on eligible Starbucks purchases.
  • Earn Double Stars on your Starbucks account for purchases made on days you fly with Delta Airlines.

These benefits seamlessly integrate the rewards programs of both companies, ensuring that your daily coffee habit contributes to your next Delta flight.

How to link your Starbucks and Delta Skymiles Accounts?

Delta and Starbucks have streamlined the process to link your Starbucks and Delta SkyMiles accounts, making it convenient to start earning rewards. All you need is your Delta Skymiles number.

Here’s how you can connect your accounts:

  1. Navigate to the official Delta and Starbucks partnership page at
  2. Provide your name and Delta SkyMiles number.
  3. Click ‘Link accounts’ to successfully link your accounts and begin accruing Delta SkyMiles on your subsequent Starbucks visit.

Don’t have accounts yet? No problem. The main page offers options to ‘Join SkyMiles’ or ‘Join Starbucks Rewards,’ allowing you to sign up for free.

Linking Bonus: An Added Incentive

The Delta Airlines and Starbucks partnership began on October 12, 2022, and was effective immediately! Members of the loyalty programs can begin linking their accounts and start using its benefits whenever making their next Starbucks purchase.

Coinciding with the recent announcement, Delta and Starbucks are encouraging users to link their accounts with a linking bonus.

The linking bonus is:

  • 500 bonus Delta Skymiles
  • 150 bonus Starbucks Reward Stars

The bonus Starbucks Stars are enough to get you a free drink or hot breakfast item just for connecting your accounts!

To earn the linking bonus, you must link your Delta and Starbucks loyalty accounts and make a qualifying purchase at Starbucks by December 31, 2022.

Evaluating the Value: Is It Worth It?

This partnership is designed for the overlapping demographics of Delta and Starbucks, offering value whether you’re a Starbucks regular or an occasional guest. The linking bonus alone makes it worthwhile, providing a free drink for simply connecting your accounts. Spending at Starbucks not only earns you Delta SkyMiles but also accumulates Starbucks Stars, enhancing the value of every purchase.

For those frequently flying with Delta, the ‘Travel Day Perks’ double your Starbucks Stars, adding an extra layer of reward to your travel experience.

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