IHG Points Sale: 80% Bonus Until March 7, 2024

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Offer Ends: 03/07/2024

IHG has launched a new promotion for its Buy Points program in 2024, offering a generous 80% bonus on purchases through to March 7. This is part of IHG’s ongoing strategy to offer point sales throughout the year, with bonuses reaching up to 100%. Members have the opportunity to purchase up to 150,000 points annually, with occasional promotions increasing this limit to 250,000 points, excluding specific targeted offers.

To take advantage of your custom IHG Rewards buy points offer, you can visit their website. It’s crucial to evaluate whether purchasing points is a prudent decision. Blindly buying points because of a sale is not advisable. However, if you have a strategic use in mind, acquiring points during a sale can substantially reduce the cost of future stays. Following a shift to a dynamic pricing model for award stays, IHG has presented some attractive opportunities for point redemptions.


With IHG’s move to dynamic award pricing, the value of award stays now varies more closely with the cash price of a hotel night. Despite this variability, purchasing points can offer significant savings over the cash rate, particularly for those holding IHG co-branded credit cards. These cardholders may benefit from the 4th night free perk on point redemptions, enhancing the value proposition of buying points during a sale.

However, it’s essential to note that purchasing points at any bonus level below 100% (or effectively a 50% discount) may not provide the best value, as IHG often runs promotions at these levels.

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