Maximize Your Travel Experience With A Targeted Offer: Purchase Ihg One Rewards Points With 100% Bonus

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A targeted promotion is being held for IHG One Rewards members only. It allows participants to double the number of points purchased (receiving 100% of bonuses) until December 30, 2023.

What you need to get the bonus

To qualify for a 100% bonus, members must purchase at least 30,000 points in a single transaction during the offer period. 

For instance, a purchase of 20,000 points won’t trigger the bonus, whereas buying 50,000 points will earn an additional 50,000, totaling 100,000 points.

The offer also outlines an annual cap on point purchases. Members can buy up to 250,000 points during this period, which is cumulative with any points already purchased within the calendar year. For example, if a member has already purchased 150,000 points in 2023, they can only buy up to 100,000 more points during this offer period.

Exclusions and Terms

It’s important to note that purchased points, including any bonus points from this offer, do not contribute towards achieving IHG One Rewards Elite status

This offer is non-transferable and intended solely for the recipient, subject to change, and cannot be combined with other offers. 

Purchased points are non-refundable but are applicable towards all rewards in the IHG One Rewards program. 

Points typically appear in the recipient’s account within 72 hours.

Conclusion: Assessing the Value of Purchasing Points

IHG’s reward valuation can be quite dynamic, largely depending on the cash price for a given night. There are notable fluctuations in value, and in certain scenarios, purchasing points can offer significant savings compared to paying the full cash price. This is particularly true for holders of IHG’s co-branded cards who benefit from perks like the 4th night free when redeeming points. However, buying points outside of the 100% bonus offer (or its equivalent, 50% off) often doesn’t present a compelling value, as IHG frequently positions its points in these brackets.

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