Fall 2023: Maximize Your Elite Status with Hyatt & American Airlines

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In a collaboration since 2019, Hyatt and American Airlines have offered their elite members a unique chance to fast track their status through a reciprocal program. This program has allowed members of World of Hyatt and AAdvantage to earn both points and miles for their hotel stays and flights. This article will delve into the most recent offers for Fall 2023 and how members can make the most out of this partnership.

Fast-Track Your Elite Status: Here’s How

Members of Hyatt can expedite their AAdvantage status, while AAdvantage elite members have a chance to upgrade their status with Hyatt

American Airlines Members: Elevate Your Hyatt Status

  • For AAdvantage Gold and Platinum Members: Enjoy a 90-day Explorist status and extend it through early 2025 by staying 10 nights within these 90 days.
  • For AAdvantage Platinum Pro and Executive Platinum Members: Get a 90-day Explorist status and retain it until early 2025 with a 10-night stay or upgrade to Globalist status with a 20-night stay within the same timeframe.

Hyatt Members: Boost Your AAdvantage Status

Globalist members at Hyatt have specific offers available for both Platinum and Platinum Pro tiers in AAdvantage, accessible through the AA app’s Promotions section. Upon registration, you can enjoy the status for four months and extend it by earning a specified number of Loyalty Points: 42,000 for Platinum Pro and 25,000 for Platinum.

You can link your Hyatt account to your AAdvantage account here.

Why Participate? The Benefits Unpacked

The Platinum Pro status in AAdvantage is highly coveted, translating to Oneworld Emerald. This unlocks access to first-class check-ins, lounge access (excluding AA lounges on domestic flights), and priority airport services when flying with Alliance airlines. On the Hyatt side, Globalist status stands out with significant benefits, achievable through a 20-night stay within 90 days from the challenge’s commencement.

Terms and Conditions: What You Need to Know

To be eligible for the AAdvantage Gold and Platinum Hyatt fast track offer, ensure your AAdvantage and World of Hyatt accounts are linked, and register between September 12 and November 30, 2023. Upon registration, you’ll enter a 90-day trial of Explorist status, and you must complete 10 Tier-Qualifying Nights at participating locations to maintain this status until February 2025.

Be mindful that only stays during the trial period count towards this offer, and World of Hyatt Credit Card night credits are not eligible. If successful, your new status will be applied within seven business days from your qualifying stay’s checkout.

Hyatt reserves the right to modify or withdraw this offer anytime, and additional terms from both American Airlines and World of Hyatt apply.


Embracing the elite status fast track offers from Hyatt and American Airlines this Fall 2023 can significantly enhance your travel experience. Whether you are looking to enjoy the luxurious perks of Globalist status at Hyatt or aiming for the exceptional benefits of AAdvantage Platinum Pro, this partnership provides a pathway to elevate your travel status. Ensure you understand the terms and conditions, and take full advantage of this opportunity to maximize your rewards and travel in style.

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