Review of Intercontinental Hotel-Residence Suites Dubai F.C.

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Just got back from a stay at the Intercontinental Hotel-Residence Suites Dubai F.C. I usually stay at the Marina but was with a colleague this time, so it made more sense to book a two-bed residence and the Marina only had 3-bed apartments, which were twice the price. It was my first stay, and it was a brilliant stay. We arrived quite early as our incoming flight was in at 06:30. 

So, we arrived around 09:0am and met Miquel at the FOH desk. He was outstanding and so very professional. He checked us in after welcoming me as a Royal Ambassador. At this point, it’s worth mentioning that some of the benefits don’t supply residential stays. 

Unexpected bonus – a discounted breakfast for me and my colleague 

You only get 25% on points for your stay, with no minibar credit or breakfast included. Despite this, Miquel arranged for us to have breakfast FOC that morning and said he would discount breakfast by 505v for both of us, which was a welcome gesture. Miquel took the cake out of the baggage and ushered us to breakfast. What breakfast it was! 

There is an amazing selection of different foods, from Marsala dosas to traditional omelets and everything in between, and great coffee. In fact, every morning, the chef comes out to ask guests if the selection is OK.

Overview of our 2-bedroom apartment

After breakfast, we went up to the room, which was a 2-bed apartment with three bathrooms and two large bedrooms with extra large double beds. Balconies to both front at rea and a great view over Dubai and the Burj.

There are two very well-equipped gyms and two pools, one outdoor and one indoor, but 20m pools, so if you enjoy swimming, these are great. They are functional and not a place to spend time relaxing. You can get the complimentary shuttle to festival cities and use the facilities there if that is what you want, but this was a business trip.

The bar on the 17th floor is a good place to eat

I used the bar on the 17th floor once, which is very quiet but not very appealing, but there is 25% off food, so it makes it a good place for something to eat.

I saw Miquel at checkout, and he introduced me to one of the managers. They both thanked me for staying and said that for my next visit, I should get in touch with them about anything I would need in advance of my stay.

This was a different feel to Dubai, and away from Jumeirah, it felt very relaxed. Having a car is a good plan, and parking is complimentary valet parking. I first stayed around the creek 20 years ago, and it changed hugely, but there are still lots of great places to eat and drink in the area. Feel free to ask me for any insights.

My impressions

All in all, it was a nice stay, and I felt valued as a guest.

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