Marriott Suite Night Awards: What’s New in 2024?

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Marriott Bonvoy Members, get ready for an update! The Suite Night Awards (SNA) are evolving into Nightly Upgrade Awards in early 2024, promising even more luxurious stays. Here’s a scoop on what’s changing and how you can make the most of it.

Summary of Changes to Marriott Suite Night Awards (Now Nightly Upgrade Awards)

  1. Name Change: From Suite Night Awards™ to Nightly Upgrade Awards.
  2. Expanded Brand Participation: Inclusion of additional brands.
  3. Increased Room Inventory: Nearly 20% more options for room upgrades.
  4. Confirmation Timing Adjustment: Upgrade confirmations starting three days prior to check-in.
  5. Variety of Room Types: Enhanced selection including premium rooms and suites.
  6. Unchanged Award Redemption: Existing Suite Night Awards™ requests to be honored under the new program.
  7. Award Status Tracking: Continues on the Marriott Bonvoy® App and
  8. Award Cancellation and Modification Policy: Specific guidelines for modifying reservations with requested or confirmed Nightly Upgrade Awards.

Expanded Choices with Nightly Upgrade Awards

Starting 2024, the program will include more participating brands like The Ritz-Carlton®, EDITION®, Aloft®, Element®, and Protea Hotels®. This means as a member, you now have access to nearly 20% more room inventory! Imagine redeeming your awards for premium rooms and suites, boasting features like oceanfront views and spacious balconies.

Confirmation Timing Adjustment

Upgrade requests are now sent on time. You will receive confirmation three days before your arrival, giving you more chances to plan your luxury vacation.

Earning and Using Your Nightly Upgrade Awards

Wondering how to earn these coveted awards? 

Just like the Marriott Suite Night Awards, these can be earned through the Annual Choice Benefit and Brilliant Earned Choice Award programs. 

When you hit 50 Elite Night Credits, you can select five Nightly Upgrade Awards as your Annual Choice Benefit. 

Achieve 75 Elite Night Credits, and you can elect for five more.

Plus, if you spend $60,000 USD annually on your Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant® American Express® Card, you earn the Brilliant Earned Choice Award, which also offers the Nightly Upgrade Award option.

Can you purchase these awards? 

No, they remain a Marriott Bonvoy® Member exclusive benefit. However, members can buy upgrades on based on availability.

You can use your Nightly Upgrade Awards on both paid stays and award redemption stays.

What to Expect with Room Options?

The introduction of Nightly Upgrade Awards means a broader selection of upgraded room types. Think along the lines of premium rooms with patios or oceanfront suites – all to enhance your stay experience.

Transitioning from Suite Night Awards™ to Nightly Upgrade Awards

If you’ve already submitted a Suite Night Award™ request, don’t worry. These will still be honored under the new Nightly Upgrade Awards program. Post-launch in 2024, you’ll see the new name and enjoy a wider selection of rooms. The notification timeline for upgrade availability will now start 3 days prior to arrival.

Managing Your Awards and Reservations

Tracking the status of your awards is simple. Just like with the Suite Night Awards, you can check your Nightly Upgrade Award status on the Marriott Bonvoy App under ‘Trips’ or on under ‘My Trips’.

 If your upgrade request can’t be confirmed, the awards will be credited back to your account.

Need to modify a reservation with an unconfirmed Nightly Upgrade Award? 

You can do so easily. But once confirmed, you’ll need to cancel the entire reservation to get the awards credited back. Be mindful of the cancellation policy though!

Final Thoughts

As we embrace these changes to the Marriott Suite Night Awards, now Nightly Upgrade Awards, it’s worth pondering over the best scenarios to utilize these upgrades. While luxury hotels like St. Regis, W, and Luxury Collection often present a higher probability of securing an upgrade, it’s crucial to remember that such upgrades are not a sure thing. It’s wise not to base your entire travel plan around the anticipation of an upgrade, especially considering the unpredictability of availability.

Another aspect to consider in this revamped scheme is the adjustment of the confirmation window. The shift from a five-day to a three-day window before check-in for confirming upgrades might be seen as a drawback for some. This change could impact your planning and anticipation process, requiring a more flexible approach towards your travel arrangements.

Ultimately, these updates to Marriott’s program open up new opportunities for enhanced travel experiences. However, a mindful approach towards utilizing these awards, especially in high-end properties, and adapting to the shorter confirmation window will ensure a more satisfying and stress-free journey. Happy travels, and may your stays be as luxurious as you hope!

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