Marriott Bonvoy’s Endless Summer Offer at St Regis Bahia

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Offer Ends: 07/01/2024
Fast Facts

    • The “Endless Summer for Bonvoy Members” promotion offers Luminary Bonvoy Members 5,000 bonus points per stay and additional perks like a $150 spa credit and an exclusive welcome amenity at The St Regis Bahia Beach Resort.

    • To qualify for the promotion, eligible stays must be a minimum of three nights and booked using the promotional code M11 by May 27, 2024.

The “Endless Summer for Bonvoy Members” promotion | Image source Marriott

Marriott Bonvoy has introduced the “Endless Summer for Bonvoy Members” offer, targeted at its Luminary members for stays at The St Regis Bahia Beach Resort. This analysis breaks down the components of the offer, eligibility, and strategic considerations for members planning to utilize this promotion.

Overview of the Promotion

The St Regis Bahia Beach Resort | Image source Expedia

From April 15th to July 1st, 2024, Luminary Bonvoy Members can earn 5,000 bonus points for each stay of three nights or more at The St Regis Bahia Beach Resort. Additional benefits include a $150 spa credit and an exclusive welcome amenity per stay.

Booking Information

Members must book their stay by May 27, 2024, using the promotional code M11. Reservations can be made online or by calling Marriott’s toll-free reservation numbers.

Key Benefits and Terms

The St Regis Bahia Beach Resort | Image source Expedia

Bonus Points

The promotion offers 5,000 Marriott Bonvoy bonus points per eligible stay. These points are credited to the member’s account upon checkout, enhancing the value of each stay.

Spa Credit

A $150 spa credit accompanies each stay, applicable at the Iridium Five Star Spa, though reservations for the spa are required. This provides an added luxury experience, although it’s important to note that the credit is non-refundable and must be used during the stay.

Welcome Amenity

An exclusive welcome amenity is included, although specifics about the amenity are not detailed in the offer. This typically varies by property but adds a personalized touch to the guest’s experience.

Eligibility and Restrictions

Membership Requirement

Only Luminary members of Marriott Bonvoy with active memberships are eligible to participate in the promotion. Non-members are encouraged to join the Marriott Bonvoy program to avail themselves of such offers.

Stay Requirements

A minimum of three nights is required to qualify for this offer, and it applies to one regular room per stay, per member, on the dates listed.

Other Restrictions

  • This offer cannot be combined with other promotions.
  • Bookings for more than 10 people are excluded.
  • The offer is valid only on new reservations.
  • Blackout dates and other restrictions may apply, indicating that availability could be limited during peak periods or special events.

Practical Application

Members planning to take advantage of this offer should consider:

  • Booking early within the reservation window to ensure availability, especially given the limited rooms and potential blackout dates.
  • Scheduling spa treatments in advance to make the most of the spa credit.
  • Reviewing the terms and conditions thoroughly to understand all restrictions and requirements, ensuring that their stay aligns with the promotion’s eligibility criteria.


The “Endless Summer for Bonvoy Members” at The St Regis Bahia Beach Resort offers significant benefits for eligible Marriott Bonvoy members, making it a potentially attractive option for those planning a luxurious beachside getaway. By understanding and strategically planning around the terms of the offer, members can enhance their stay experience and gain additional value from their membership.

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