Marriott Bonvoy’s “36k PTS” Targeted Offer

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Fast Facts

  • The Marriott Bonvoy 36k PTS Targeted Promotion offers registered members the opportunity to earn up to 36,000 bonus points through a tiered rewards system after every 4th, 8th and 12th stay.
  • The promotion is targeted at frequent travelers. The point-earning period starts after registration and lasts until the end of the registration month plus three more months.

Marriott Bonvoy has introduced a targeted promotion designed to reward frequent travelers with additional loyalty points. The “36k PTS” offer incentivizes registered members to increase their stay frequency in exchange for bonus points. 

Understanding the Promotion

This offer is targeted, meaning not all Marriott Bonvoy members will automatically qualify. Members who find this offer in their account must register to participate. Registration triggers the start of the earning period, which lasts until the end of the month of registration plus an additional three months.

Earning the Bonus Points

The bonus structure is clearly defined: members earn 12,000 points after every fourth stay, with the potential to earn up to 36,000 points after twelve stays within the earning period. The specifics are:

  • 12,000 bonus points after the 4th stay
  • 12,000 bonus points after the 8th stay
  • 12,000 bonus points after the 12th stay
Westin, Washington DC – Downtown | Image source Marriott News

These points are awarded quickly, typically within three to five business days after the stay’s post, which enhances the appeal of the offer by providing near-immediate rewards.

Strategic Considerations

Frequency of Stays

This offer best suits members who already travel frequently or can plan multiple stays within the earning period. Those who typically do not stay at Marriott properties as often may find meeting the criteria for all three bonuses challenging.

Checking for Offer Availability

Members who do not see the offer currently listed in their accounts are advised to check back periodically, as Marriott may update the availability based on member activity and eligibility.

Comparison with Usual Earnings

To determine the added value of this promotion, members should compare these bonus points with what they would normally earn through standard stays and other promotions. This analysis will help ascertain whether altering travel plans to accommodate more stays is cost-effective and beneficial.

Practical Application

Members interested in this promotion should consider:

  1. Checking eligibility by logging into their Marriott Bonvoy accounts and looking for the “36k PTS” offer.
  2. Register promptly if they find they are eligible and plan to make enough stays to earn the bonuses.
  3. Planning stays strategically to maximize the earning period and ensure that each stay contributes towards the promotion.


Marriott Bonvoy’s “36k PTS” offer provides a lucrative opportunity for targeted members who frequently stay at Marriott properties. By effectively planning their travel, members can maximize their returns in bonus points, potentially enhancing their future travel experiences with Marriott.

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