Marriott Bonvoy New Member Offer

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Fast Facts

  • This offer is valid exclusively for new Marriott Bonvoy members and is valid for 90 days after registration
  • New members are eligible to receive the following bonus points: 500 points for signing up and 2,000 and 5,000 bonus points for the first and second stays, respectively

Marriott rewards its customers with bonus points toward membership in the Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program if they sign up and stay for 90 days.

This applies exclusively to new members. It is valid for 90 days after registration, setting a clear timeframe for members to earn bonus points.

Earning Bonus Points

  1. Initial sign-up bonus

A welcome gesture – registering a new member instantly awards 500 bonus points, which starts the loyalty journey.

  1. Subsequent stays

The structure rewards further participation. The first and second paid stays at participating hotels earn 2,000 and 5,000 bonus points respectively. 

This tiered system encourages continued participation in the program for the first 90 days.

The period of accrual of accommodation bonuses: six weeks after the end of the promotion.

Conditions for Stays

Clarifying a “stay” as consecutive nights in the same hotel.

Limiting the number of rooms in one hotel per stay focuses rewards on individual travel experiences rather than group bookings.

Only direct bookings through official sales channels are taken into account. The payment method excludes loyalty points.


If you are not yet a member of the program, the 7,500 Marriott Bonvoy points reward is a good incentive to join.

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