JetBlue Lifts Carry-On Ban for Basic Economy

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Fast Facts
  • Starting September 6, passengers of JetBlue’s cheapest fare, Basic Blue, will no longer have to pay for carry-on baggage.

Starting September 6, 2024, JetBlue will lift its carry-on baggage ban for Basic Economy Fares, allowing passengers to bring a carry-on bag and a personal item at no additional cost. This change aims to enhance the travel experience for Basic Blue fare passengers, saving them between $35 and $50 per flight.

Carry-On bag
Carry-On bag | Image source Canva

Current Policy

  • Basic Blue Restrictions: Previously, Basic Blue passengers could only bring a personal item like a small backpack or laptop case. Additional luggage required a paid checked bag.
  • Transatlantic Flights Exception: Basic Blue fares on flights to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin, and Edinburgh already include a complimentary carry-on bag.

New Policy Starting September 6, 2024

  • Carry-On Allowance: Basic Blue travelers can bring one carry-on bag and one personal item for free on all flights.
  • No Restrictions on Booking Date: The policy applies to all tickets, regardless of when they were purchased.

Important Considerations

  • Overhead Bin Space: Availability may be limited, and Basic Blue passengers boarding last may need to check their carry-on bags at the gate at no extra charge.
  • Other Fare Restrictions: Existing limitations on points earning, fees for flight changes, and seat assignment restrictions for Basic Blue fares remain in place.

Enhancing Customer Experience

JetBlue acknowledges the importance of carry-on bags to customers and aims to remain competitive in the market by eliminating this fee. This move is intended to improve customer satisfaction and streamline the travel process.

Comparison with Other Airlines

With this change, United remains the only major U.S. airline charging for carry-on bags on basic economy fares. Budget carriers like Spirit and Frontier also continue to charge for carry-on bags on most tickets.


The new policy provides significant savings and convenience for Basic Blue passengers, aligning JetBlue more closely with customer preferences. However, passengers should still be mindful of overhead bin space limitations and other fare restrictions.

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