Kimpton EPIC Hotel Miami: A stay experience

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I stayed at the Kimpton EPIC Hotel for 3 nights in April which is a really good hotel but there was a distinct lack of service as the front of house and staff were overwhelmed and there were simply not enough staff on the front desk.

The check in process took over an hour as there were problems with getting the room allocated as it was not ready. As an inner circle and RA. member we are entitled to a holding room but were offered a down grade instead of the allocated room so chose to wait for the room which ended up being a 4pm check in and arriving at around 12.

The staff did try their best but with the sheer number of guests checking in and out it was very difficult. The Miami open was on at the time so as a long-planned event it was surprising that more staff were not brought in on advance to cope with this.

My wife ended up checking us in as I was on crutches and the standing was becoming painful at the check in desk and was not offered any of the welcome amenities but asked for breakfast so it was a shock when the next morning we got a bill for $170 so we went to resolve this at the reception desk which was extremely busy so went back to the room and rang guest services . sadly, we tried for 2 hours but no one picked up.

In fact, any time we tried to order any room service we could not get anyone’s attention We did go down around 1pm to talk to reception and did get to talk to someone who said I had chosen points instead of breakfast. The fact that my wife checked us in, and I had not been present at the reception desk was mentioned but it seemed the reception were clear I had asked. We did however get the first day comped and then were given vouchers for the following days.

Overview of the room – 1 Bedroom Suite High Floor

The room when we finally got into it was wonderful and very spacious and light. The bedroom had a great view and a very comfy bed.

What were our impressions of staying at Kimpton EPIC Hotel Miami

We didn’t receive any in room amenities at all during our stay including water and did have o ask every day for the room to be serviced as it was not done at 4.30 when we returned on the first day.

All three days there was no water at all left in the room except a bottle by each side of the bed for $10 each which I thought was extortionate.

We did eat breakfast every day which was exceptional, and we had a meal in Area 31 which again was amazing. They recognised I was Inner Circe member and got the chefs taste when dining there. The staff were absolutely flawless and so very amiable which made the vist feel very special.

The hotel management could learn for this regarding the front of house situation.

The pool area is really big but it’s quite windy or was when we stayed so we didn’t spend any real time around the pool, but the gym facilities are great but gets a little crowded in the early morning.

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