Enjoyable Short Stay at Indigo Hotel Helsinki – A Diamond Member’s Experience

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Had a very enjoyable short stay at Indigo Hotel Helsinki last week. I booked a standard room, but I am unsure if this was an upgrade to a better room. I checked in very late and was offered a drink or points, so I took the points. When I enquired about breakfast, I was told it was not included as I took the points.

I mentioned that as a Diamond member, you are entitled to a free breakfast. The manager on duty informed me that I had the points, so no breakfast. I said remove the points, please, and I will have breakfast.

They did give me breakfast but also gave me the points. Very good breakfast as well. And the overnight manager was still on duty and addressed me by name, so it was very nice. The staff were all very pleasant too.
I can’t really comment on any other aspect, as I was only there for around 10 hours and was sleeping most of that.

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