Qatar Airways Elite Status Tiers Get a Qpoint Requirement Reduction. Here’s How You Can Take Advantage

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For a limited time, Qatar Airways has lowered the required Qpoints to reach its elite status tiers. Privilege Club members have until the end of the offer period on March 31, 2023, to take advantage of the reduced tiers.

Tier reductions were applied to every tier—Platinum, Gold, and Silver—and affected both 12-Moth Tier Retention and 24-Month Tier Retention levels. These are the limited-time elite tier Point requirements for this special promotional offer:

12-Month Tier Retention Reduced Tiers

Privilege Club Elite TierStandard RequirementsReduced Requirements (until Mar. 31, 2023)

24-Month Tier Retention Reduced Tiers

Privilege Club Elite TierStandard RequirementsReduced Requirements (until Mar. 31, 2023)

The reduced tiers apply to Privilege Club Members who haven’t yet qualified to maintain their elite status in the next period. The three-month status extension gives plenty of time to add up the Qpoints in your account. To qualify for the tier reduction, members must have a minimum of the reduced tier requirements and maintain their status.

Earn Points to Retain Elite Tier Status

As if having reduced elite status tiers isn’t enough good news, Qatar Airways also makes it easier to earn the Qpoints needed to maintain your status. Privilege Club members have two offers that can quickly give you enough Qpoints for your elite status tier. 

  1. Earn Double Qpoints
  2. Buy discounted Qpoints

Here’s details on each offer to see which gives you the best value.

  1. Earning Double Qpoints

One of the benefits of joining the Qatar Airways loyalty program is earning points every time you travel on flights operated and marketed by the airline and partnering OneWorld flights. Privilege Club members will earn double the Qpoints for the promotional period on qualifying flights. Qatar Airways provides a Qcalculator to estimate the number of points earned from flights and other bonus factors like cabin, travel dates, fare cost, etc.

To qualify for the bonus Qpoints offer, members have until March 31, 2023, to book flights through June 20, 2023. Also, members must include their Privilege Club membership number will all bookings. Flight reservations made before January 15, 2023, are not eligible for the bonus Qpoints offer.

  1. Buy Discount Qpoints

For members with no immediate travel plans, Qatar Airways offers an alternative promotional offer: buy discounted Qpoints. The standard price for Qpoints is $25/Qpoint. However, the exclusive offer is only $15/Qpoint.

The lower price means it’s the best time to purchase Qpoints. Qatar Airways encourages members to take advantage by increasing the Qpoint purchase limits. The following limits apply for the offer period:

Privilege Club Elite TierStandard Purchase LimitsPromotional Offer Purchase Limits

The increased purchased limits are based on the standard Qpoint requirement to reach each elite tier. All members have a chance to maintain it—even if starting a new Privilege Club account at 0 Qpoints.

Bottom Line

Qatar Airways has soared through a return to travel normalcy and now wants to reward its loyal flyers. The promotional period until March 31, 2023, lets Privilege Club members benefit from reduced tier status to maintain their elite status and easier ways to get the points necessary.

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