Making a Huge Impact with Your Loyalty Points: Donation Edition

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Loyalty points are an incredible way for a lot of us to get to enjoy some pretty amazing perks. These points can be used to cover plane tickets, to cover hotel expenses, and even to receive certain upgrades at these locations—but loyalty points don’t only benefit you. Marriott has made it possible to donate using loyalty points, and when I realized that this was an option, I absolutely knew that it was the right choice for my family.

I Wanted to Help Refugees

Our world is facing some very difficult times, and there are people that need our help. This is a fact, and I fully believe that it is up to each of us to do what we can to help support our fellow human beings. With the challenges facing citizens in Ukraine, I knew that I wanted to find a way to offer aid—and I wanted to be able to support other refugees too. It isn’t a secret that so many of us are being shown ways to help and donate, so when I learned that my Marriott loyalty points could go to a better cause, I jumped on it immediately.

Donating to UNICEF Using Loyalty Points

Though Marriott is a brand that values the customer experience, they also value people all around the world. To help their customers better support those in need, they made it possible to donate loyalty points in exchange for a full cash donation to groups who are providing aid to people who are facing uncertain times, like UNICEF. With my loyalty points, I was able to donate 125,000 points—a donation that converted to $500—to help offer my support. Having this option made it possible for me to provide a donation in a way that also helped me to continue to live on a budget.

Marriott’s Donation Matching

Discovering Marriott’s donation program was absolutely wonderful, but I was even more relieved to learn that this wasn’t the only step that Marriott was taking to help refugees who need that extra support. To improve the power of my donation, Marriott made an equal donation that was matched point-to-point with my own. This meant that my one donation actually had double the impact, meaning that more people will be able to benefit from these funds. Having the ability to make an impact of my own and then trust that the impact would actually be twice as powerful really made me feel good about choosing this donation path. We all owe it to each other to help during hard times, and I appreciate that Marriott helped to make this possible.

Use Your Points for Good

There are plenty of fun reasons to use loyalty points, and I will continue to use my loyalty points to ensure that my family can see the world. However, I know that I will also use my loyalty points to make more donations to offer aid and support to my fellow humans. When we all operate with compassion, we help people to keep their hope alive during difficult times, and we help to see them through them. You never know how big of an impact your one small donation can really have, and I absolutely encourage you to learn more about the love and positivity you can spread using your loyalty points!

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