Hilton Honors Launches Points Unlimited Promotion Between May 1-Sep 5

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The Hilton Honors Points Unlimited Promotion launched this May to give its loyalty members even more bonus points for stays at Hilton properties. The offer includes earning 4,000 bonus points when staying at either of its 270+ resorts worldwide and 2,000 bonus points on all of its other properties. So, no matter where you book a stay with Hilton during the promotional period, you’ll get rewarded for your stay—on top of the point rewards you already receive as a loyalty member!

Here are some details about the offer and how you can maximize your Hilton Honors point earnings during this period.

Details About the Points Unlimited Offer

The Hilton Honors Points Unlimited promotional period lasts from May 1 to September 5, 2023. Stays at Hilton Honors properties in this period qualify for the point bonuses. You can see the full list of participating resorts here.

As the name implies, there are no limits to how many points you can earn with the promotion. So, the more you stay, the more you earn. Be sure to keep in mind a few details to ensure your stay will earn you points:

  • Hilton Honors members must be registered for the promotion before their stay to receive bonus points
  • Qualifying night stays are for reservations check-in on or after May 1st and check-out before or on the day of September 5th. Reservations outside this period or completed before registering do not qualify for the bonus points
  • Reward stays are also eligible for the bonus points

Note that the bonus points are applicable based on nights stayed at the properties and not the price paid for them. Therefore, base point earnings for loyalty members are still applicable during your stay for even more points. The following chart shows the base points you’ll earn for each stay based on your Hilton Honors member tier:

Membership TierPoints Earned During StaysRequirements to Earn Tier Status
Basic HH MembershipGet 10 HH points for every $1 spent on your stay (Tru & Home2 stays earn 5 points per $1 spent)Sign-up FREE
SilverGet 12 HH points for every $1 spent on your stay (Tru & Home2 stays earn 6 points per $1 spent)Earn with 10 nights, 4 stays or 25,000 Base Points
GoldGet 18 HH points for every $1 spent on your stay (Tru & Home2 stays earn 9 points per $1 spent)Earn with 40 nights, 20 stays or 75,000 Base Points
DiamondGet 20 HH points for every $1 spent on your stay (Tru & Home2 stays earn 10 points per $1 spent)Earn with 60 nights, 30 stays or 120,000 Base Points

Since the Hilton Honors Points Unlimited promotion awards bonus points, these are not applicable toward the minimum base points required to attain loyalty member tiers.

Consider this example to better understand how many points you’ll earn on your stay during the Points Unlimited promotion.

A Hilton Honors Silver member stays 2 nights at $100/night at an eligible Hilton resort property. You can expect to earn a total of 6,400 Hilton Honors points. Here’s the breakdown:

($200 total spent for two nights) x 12 HH base points = 2400 Base Points*

Resort stay earns 4,000 bonus points

*Only the 2,400 base points will count towards earning Gold status.

Note that Hilton counts one stay as consecutive nights at the same property, regardless if you split your stay between two separate reservations. Alternatively, you can book one night in one resort and the second at another eligible hotel to count for two stays. However, it can be inconvenient for most travelers unless you’re strictly doing it to earn points. On the other hand, the promotion is unlimited, so it’s completely acceptable!

Maximize Point Rewards With HH Credit Cards

Want to earn even more HH points during the promotional period? Making reservations with one of the Hilton Honors credit cards will add even more bonus points on top of the promotional offer and member point earnings. These are the best credit cards to use:

Credit CardPoints EarnedAnnual Fee
Hilton Honors CardEarn 7x bonus points per dollar spent on Hilton hotelsNo annual fee
Hilton Honors Surpass CardEarn 12x bonus points per dollar spent on Hilton hotels$95 annual fee
Hilton Honors Aspire CardEarn 14x bonus points per dollar spent on Hilton hotels$450 annual fee
Hilton Honors Business CardEarn 12x bonus points per dollar spent on Hilton hotels$95 annual fee

How to Register for the Points Unlimited Promotion

Hilton Honors members can register now for the Points Unlimited offer. Registration is required to start earning the bonus points, so make sure you complete it before making reservations. Here’s how you can register:

  1. Click here to visit the offer landing page
  2. Members can log in with their username or Hilton Honors #
  3. The offer is activated once you sign in

For Non-Members

  1. Non-members must click ‘sign up now for their FREE Hilton Honors account
  2. Complete the sign-up form and click ‘Join Now.’
  3. Offer is automatically activated once you join

Final Thoughts

With the launch of the Points Unlimited promotion, there are many ways to earn Hilton Honors points over the next few months. Using Hilton Honors credit cards and having membership tier status will yield the most point earnings per stay. However, even the base membership level has access to earning bonus points. It’s important to activate the promotion to start earning the bonuses on your stays, and it takes only seconds to complete for earnings that last through the entire summer.

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