Get 10,000 Bonus Bonvoy Points Every Time You Stay at This NYC Hotel Thru 8/28

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A trip to the ‘Big Apple’ comes with a big bonus! Stay at Le Méridien New York, Fifth Avenue, and get 10,000 bonus points per stay. You’ll have many of New York City’s top attractions within walking distance and upscale accommodations when you’re ready to relax. 

Here are details on claiming the offer.

For every stay you book at Le Méridien New York between now and Aug. 28, you’ll get 10,000 bonus points. Consecutive nights booked at the property count as one stay. Checking out and checking in again on the same day will not count as two stays. However, if you check out and return after a day, then it will count for two stays. 

To get the bonus points, use this promo code when making your reservation: M11

The promo code is only applicable for direct bookings on It’s also available through phone reservations if you provide the promo code during booking.

About the Hotel

Le Méridien puts you in the heart of Manhattan, on the iconic Fifth Avenue shopping district. You’ll have the Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden within walking distance. It towers 21 stories high with European-inspired decor and many modern amenities. Guests are also invited to taste the Italian specialties at the onsite Allora Fifth Avenue, then try Le Scoope by Le Méridien, savory gelato or sorbet scoops, for Au Solei.

Click here to check out room availability at the hotel and book your stay before Aug. 28 to claim your 10,000-point bonus.

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