Flash Sale: Buy IHG Points With a 90% Bonus Until August 7

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Buy IHG Points With a 90% Bonus Until August 7

IHG announces yet another flash sale on points—this time with a 90% bonus. Travelers gearing up for fall season travel can top-off their accounts for nearly half-off on points. The flash sale is valid until the end of the day on Monday, August 7.

The best deal we come across for IHG points is a 100% bonus. Surprisingly, this current flash sale comes right after their previous sale ended. Although slightly lower, the 90% bonus can still be an excellent opportunity for those who missed the 100% bonus.

IHG sells points in increments of 1,000, and members must purchase at least 5,000 points to receive the bonus. The flash sale bonus means you’ll be paying approximately .53 cents per point.

example of IHG points redemption with 90% bonus

IHG has a purchase limit of 150,000 points, excluding the bonus. If you’ve already taken advantage of one of their other offers, then you have fewer points you can buy on this offer. 

Cardholders using one of the IHG One Rewards cards are not eligible for the additional 20% point purchase benefit since it cannot be combined with another offer.

Best Time to Buy IHG Points?

With the purchase limits, it’s best to wait for the best bonus offer to maximize how many points you get with your purchase. The current 90% bonus or the previous 100% bonus are examples of the best times to buy IHG points. 

You should only buy points if you’re close to redeeming for IHG One Rewards. Purchased points do not count towards earning elite status on IHG One Rewards.

The flash sale ends August 7, and you can purchase points here.

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