Flash Sale! Book With Points + Cash and Save 15% on Cash Portion

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Heads up! IHG is having a flash sale that will go as fast as it came. Travelers looking to fit in one last vacation for the season will get a discounted stay at several participating IHG Hotels & Resorts properties worldwide.

Book your IHG stay using Points + Cash and get 15% off the points portion of the price. To claim the deal, you must book by July 19 for stays until August 31. 

IHG lets members split part of the reservation costs between points and cash. You decide whether to use majority points or cash; the remaining balance gets the discount.

Hotel prices per night vary between using points and cash. Let’s take the Kimpton: Alan Resort Tulum, for example. 

Booking with cash only will cost $211/night.

Deciding whether to use points vs. cash depends on how you got the points. IHG One Rewards points are worth about 0.7 cents. Booking with all points costs 35,250 points per night, or $246.75. The more cash used, the lower the per-night price drops. The 20,250 points + 90 cash option calculates to $223.75/night, and even the lowest 10,250 points + 141 cash still calculates to 212.75/night, slightly more expensive than booking with all cash.

We frequently come across IHG point purchase promotions for up to 100% bonuses, valuing points at 0.5 cents per point. If you purchased points during one of these promotions, this same hotel will cost as low as $176.25/night.

Booking With Points + Cash

The flash sale only applies to bookings made on www.ihg.com. Members must be logged in before searching properties, and the discount is automatically applied to your search results. 

To find deals, search a destination and filter results to show ‘Pay With: Points + Cash’ The discount only applies to participating properties displaying the price cut.

Keep in mind that there’s still time to get a 140,000-point bonus and $100 statement credit for signing up for the IHG One Rewards Premier Credit Card. It’s one of three credit cards we recommend when booking your stay. IHG credit card holders earn points on IHG spending—and the cash portion of the deal qualifies for earning more points.

IHG One Rewards Premier Credit Card$99 annual feeUp to 26x points at IHG Hotels & Resorts
IHG One Rewards Traveler Credit CardNo annual feeUp to 17x points at IHG Hotels & Resorts
IHG One Rewards Premier Business Credit Card$99 annual feeUp to 26x points at IHG Hotels & Resorts

Not to mention elite status perks during your stay, from the complimentary Silver Elite or Platinum Elite status given to cardholders.

Final thoughts

The IHG Flash Sale is great for members looking for an opportunity to get value from points earned with credit card bonuses or point purchase bonuses. However, there’s no rush to book a stay during the promotion because paying with cash is the cheaper option—and it also lets you earn points with IHG credit cards.

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