Donating Points and Miles to Support Maui’s Relief and Recovery Efforts After Devastating Fires

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The picturesque Hawaiian island of Maui has recently faced a catastrophic event as raging wildfires swept across its serene landscape. The impact has been devastating, with a rising death toll, extensive property damage, and countless lives upended. The fires, which have become the deadliest the country has seen in a century, have left in their wake a trail of destruction, displacing residents, endangering lives, and creating an urgent need for relief and recovery efforts.

Unprecedented Devastation and the Call for Support

The toll of the Maui wildfires is staggering, with a current death toll of 93, and this number is expected to rise. The destruction of over 2200 structures across the island has resulted in more than $1.3 billion worth of property damage, according to preliminary estimates. Families and individuals have faced harrowing experiences, some resorting to floating in the Pacific Ocean for hours, desperately awaiting rescue. As the community bands together to address the immediate needs of those affected, nonprofits and local services have swiftly moved into action, providing essential assistance such as shelter, food, and support in reuniting families.

Uniting for Relief: The Role of Corporations and Individuals

In times of crisis, a united effort is crucial for effective relief and recovery. Notably, prominent hotel chains and leading airlines are joining forces with foundations and organizations like Aloha United Way, American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, and more to contribute to the restoration of Maui’s well-being. These entities recognize the importance of collective action and are encouraging their users to partake in the effort. Individuals are being offered the chance to make a significant impact by donating in cash, points, or travel miles.

Donating Miles: A Powerful Contribution

For those with unused miles, contributing them to the cause can make a substantial difference. Various partner airlines are facilitating these donations:

  • Delta Air Lines: SkyMiles customers can donate frequent flyer miles through Delta’s SkyWish program to assist the Red Cross.
  • United Airlines: Mileage Plus members can donate miles to the American Red Cross through United Airline’s Mileage Plus charity program.
  • Southwest Airlines is also collaborating with charitable foundations, providing another avenue for donating miles.

Through these contributions, organizations like the Red Cross can extend their reach and fulfill their mission of alleviating human suffering. 

Hotel Rewards Donations: Extending Compassion

Several major hotel programs offer the option to donate points, allowing individuals to extend their compassion and support. 

  • Marriott Bonvoy directs its efforts toward humanitarian organizations such as World Central Kitchen and the American Red Cross. The Marriott Disaster Relief Fund and Marriott’s TakeCare Relief Fund are being utilized to provide resources and assistance directly to affected employees.
  • Hilton Honors support donations, and for every 10,000 Hilton Honors points you donate, the charity of your choice will receive $25. You will not be able to donate points directly on the Hilton website. Instead, you’ll need to send an email to the Giving Back Honors address provided or call the reservations and customer service line to request that points be transferred from your account to the charity of your choice. Alternatively, you can create a PointWorthy account online, link it to your Hilton Honors account, and make a donation online at their website.
  • Wyndham Rewards: you can donate as few as 500 Wyndham Rewards points to a dozen select charities. Log in to your Wyndham Rewards account, select Redeem Wyndham Rewards points, then Other ways to redeem, select Donate Now under the Charitable Donations tab.

Conclusion: United for Renewal

In the face of adversity, the spirit of unity and compassion shines brightly. As Maui grapples with the aftermath of devastating fires, individuals, corporations, and organizations are coming together to provide vital support. The opportunity to donate points and miles offers a tangible way for everyone to play a role in the island’s recovery. By harnessing the power of collective action, we can make a meaningful impact and help Maui rebuild, restore, and renew itself for a brighter future.

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