Buy World of Hyatt Points With a 25% Bonus Thru August 11

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World of Hyatt adds even more delight to your summer with its latest point purchase bonus. Their latest offer ended earlier this month and returns once again to give you another chance at adding a few extra thousand points to your account. Every bonus counts when maximizing your points!

Celebrating Summer Travel With Point Bonus

Redeeming points with World of Hyatt unlocks many of its best properties worldwide. This summer promotion offers a 25% bonus when purchasing points. Use points for free nights in exotic locations like Bali and the Maldives, or take advantage of other point perks like room upgrades and experiences. The offer runs until 8/11/23.

World of Hyatt sells points at a standard rate of 2.4 cents per point. With this offer, purchase at least 7,000 points, and the cost per point drops to 1.92 cents. For example,

  • Buy 12,000 points for $288 and get a 3,000 bonus ($288/15,000 points)
  • Buy 48,000 points for $1,152 and get a 12,000 bonus ($1,152/60,000 points)
  • Buy 110,000 points for $2,640 and get a 27,500 bonus ($2,640/137,500 points)

Purchased points are posted within minutes, although it may take up to 48 hours to show in your account.

Details About the Offer

The standard purchase point limit is 55,000 points per calendar year. However, World of Hyatt doubles the limit so loyalty members can purchase up to 110,000 points until the end of the promotional period.

The points purchase offer is only available for World of Hyatt members. One fine print detail is that your account must already be open for at least 60 days to purchase points. The promotional period ends in 60 days, so it’s only for current members (although it’s free to sign up to take advantage of any future point bonus offers).

Additionally, purchasing points do not count towards earning World of Hyatt elite status. Elite status (Discoverist, Explorist, and Globalist) are only earned with qualifying nights, base points earned with Hyatt spending, or opening an account with the World of Hyatt Credit Card ($95 annual fee) which comes with complimentary Discoverist status.

Instant Savings When Purchasing Points

There’s always the question of whether should you purchase World of Hyatt points. The per-point value of 1.92 cents is the same as the redemption value between 1.7-2 cents per point. World of Hyatt releases point purchase bonuses every season, so waiting for a promotion is always best. Purchasing points is a very effective way to get deals on exclusive Hyatt properties worldwide.

See below for World of Hyatt’s easy-to-read chart detailing how many points per night you need across the various hotel categories:

Category 1 hotels give great value during off-peak season. Three nights at the Hyatt Place Nashville is $405 ($135/night), and Hyatt House Philadelphia is $513 ($171/night). These are Category 1 hotels that cost only 10,500 points each for a two-night stay. With the point bonus, you only need to buy 9,000 points for $216 and get 2,250 bonus points—that’s nearly half off your stay!

Alternatively, redeem your World of Hyatt points on special deals on Category 8 hotels worldwide. A luxury stay at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort in Hawaii costs $1,079 per night, the elegant Park Hyatt Milan for $1,535 per night, or even the Alila Ventana Big Sur for $2,025 per night. Members can purchase points with a bonus and book either of these hotels at a cost of less than $800 per night!

Compare purchasing points vs. paying in cash to determine which gives the best rates. Purchasing points for a specific booking is recommended.

Bottom Line

The frequency that we see bonuses for purchasing World of Hyatt points means you can always wait until the next deal if you don’t have any plans to stay with Hyatt. The 25% bonus offer is not the highest we’ve seen recently—it was giving away 30% bonuses last summer.

Even with a 25% bonus, you can find great deals on properties in all categories for free night stays. If you happen to miss this deal, we’re sure another (maybe even better) will come soon.

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